What purpose do we write for?


What is the essence of writing?   I think that you are interested in writing (or writing skill), probably that is the reason you are reading this page, but the first thing you need to think about when studying writing is “For what purpose do we write for” If you go writing without understanding “Why do […]

Traditional way of marketing

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I think it is worth of looking back how traditional way of marketing used to work. Some of the concept is still useful to apply and I am still using some aspect of it. Also, it is important to understand how marketing has been evolving because it is critical to understand the trend of the […]

Do you think you need to post a lot? Give me a break…

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Many people say posting regularly to Facebook in particular is actually very important too, seeing as only somewhere between 5-15% of your audience will see your content each time you post. So you need to post a lot. What do you say? Do you agree with it? I don’t, seriously. Well, make it precise, it […]

Basic guide of promoting in social media

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Most of the people knows how powerful the social media can be in promoting the product, yet having a plan on social media will also allow you to stay visible to your audience even when you’re not posting. If someone is following you on Facebook and Twitter, then you can greatly increase your brand recognition […]

Basic knowledge for Blogging Newbie

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If you have never tried blogging, then this article will help you at least starting off your new journey. So how do you build your blog? Let’s go through some easy steps to make it easy…   Creating a Blog With WordPress The simplest way to build a blog by far is by using WordPress. […]

No story in your business? Then you are dead!

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There’s another reason that the ‘Number 3 Changed My Life’ trick works so well though… And that’s because it’s personal. It’s a story. And we love being regaled by stories. Look at these two titles and then decide which you’d rather read: 1, How to Make Thousands from a Mobile App 2, How I Made […]

Be Authentic, Be different, but how?

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If you’ve already narrowed your focus with market and you know exactly who your audience is, you’ll have a much more focussed strategy and this will give you a big advantage when it comes to standing out. But with that said, you’re still going to be up against a fairly tough challenge. Even in a […]

Audience first or Market first?


Once you have your audience, you have your market. If you think the above is correct, you are on the wrong track. You have to decide your market first, and you decide your audience to target. Many business fail to recognise the importance of market before they decide which audience to target. From my experience, […]

Products defines the market? Wrong!

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Golden rule for the marketing is that you must promote to where your prospects are. I may not have to remind you but it is worth of looking the fact. The statistics surrounding internet marketing right now can tell us a great deal about what’s working and what isn’t and about how best to approach […]

What I do first in consulting

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These days, I am getting couple of consulting offers from medium size company, not only NZ, but also Japan too as I was originally marketing myself to Japanese market and can do consulting in Japanese. Anyway, when I take up these job and start my consulting, what I do first is always the same respond […]

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