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Why customer choose Globalcube as their consultant?

Great outcome of clients

I have been consulting more than 30 businesses in the past 4 years all over the world, you can see their feedback to my support from here → customers reviews

If you are wondering who you should turn to as your marketing consultant, I suggest you check their feedback from customers. If you find none, then do not trust them. It is natural to see good feedback if their support is pretty good. I believe this measure will work best for your decision making.

The reason why I want this as one of my target is because I believe the business should consistently improve the quality of their product or service and they won’t be able to do it if they have to take time to generate customers. Time is limited. Simple.

And actually that is my policy for MY OWN BUSINESS to take time as minimum as possible to get new customers so that I can spend more time with existing customers

Turning down my prospects

One of the reason I became so committed to do my consulting is that Big company won’t be able to take care of each client very well. Don’t get me wrong, they send report every month, trying to achieve better outcome, but they do what they promise to do and not more than that.

That is what I heard from my client at early stage and that is etched in my heart.

Well, I actually know the reason why they do that way because they simply have big budget and keep spending to get new customers so that they simply have no time left to take extra care of existing client.

I am different. I limit the number of my clients so that I can manage to look after them well.

I know some consultant teaches lots of so-called driving traffic technique and some works and some don’t. I agree to some extent that we need technique to generate leads. Yet, what would business do if that technique becomes obsolete or too many people use the same technique and become too expensive to implement?

I don’t want my client to fall into this trap and suffer again that is the reason I teach the essence of business so that my client can adjust their approach to their new customers no matter what the situation becomes.


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