“Recently attended one of their workshops and was very happy with all the information they made available. Their techs really know their stuff and their SEO service is working wonders for my business..”

Shehzad Qureshi, Wpulti.org

“An extremely pleasant individual to work with, who always specifies the details of the task in a clear and concise manner.”

Shedika Mcniel, 

“Worked with GlobalCube and they are extremely serious. Awesome job Yuzuru!”

lonut Neagu, Themeisle.com

“We have a very smooth communication and he is a hardworking person. Our partnership is very strong and we highly appreciate the collaboration and his loyalty.

Niv Amiaz, installcore.com 

“Yuzuru is a very hands-on client/manager. He’s on top of the issues and focuses on client coordination which is definitely a big plus. I appreciate his straight forward approach. It’s a breath of fresh air. Wide range of experience and a very hard working person. All the best!”

Leah Villanueva, webmarketingnz.com

“We have worked together on a few projects with good results. He keeps me up to date and we work well together. His SEO and Social Media Marketing has been beneficial in increasing traffic to our websites and the reputation marketing helps new users to our websites gain trust in our products and services. The independent reviews have helped increase e-commerce business and build the brand..

Jeremy pearson, JWSmeaton

“Yuzuru is an honest man and helpful business mentor and is always just a phone call away. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you achieve your goals. We have worked together on a new business project with good results. He keeps me up to date with progress and with Yuzuru’s vast marketing knowledge we will be increasing traffic to my website and help new visitors to my website gain trust in my services. I cannot speak highly enough of Yuzuru and Globalcube.”

Terry Monga,He Tangata Kairongoa

“Globalcube’s ebook on reputation and the importance of it for your business is an outstanding read.In fact all online business not only business all online based property depends on good reputation.And in this section there are lots of opportunity to put down your reputation without any reason because this online activities we can’t control .So one’s need to give more pay attention about this.In this book writer describes all the things in easy words.Why reputation is a big issue for your business he also added some statistics to prove his words along with how it works to find out customers . So as i told earlier online business totally depends on good reputation.So he also described some methods how to maintain good reputation and how to get good reputation as well.I think some of his ideas quite interesting anyone can take..

Luna Fardin,

“TemplateMonster has been partners with Yuzuru for more than a year. Working with him is a real pleasure, as he is always thoughtful for details and ready to try something new to get the greater result. We are really happy to know him. And we highly recommend him as a loyal and diligent partner.”

Julia Starlark, Template Monster

“We had a previous company looking after our Adwords campaign, and whilst they did nothing wrong, we never got the feedback we wanted to try and improve our marketing. Globalcube (and especially Yuzuru) have been good at keeping us informed about what is working and what isn’t. More importantly, we have noticed a spike in sales which we attribute to the new campaign organised by Globalcube.

Graeme Mckinstry, PrimoProducts.co.nz