Hi, I am Yuzuru, Marketing Consultant.
I started my marketing business for one particular reason: I want to help businesses to craft High Converting Marketing Sales Funnels that helps you to control your leads and sales without hiring a sales people, being caught up by tech people or learning code a single line.

A little info about me. I’ve started my own affiliate marketing business as side hustle in 2010 on top of my study in accounting. I was on 3rd year of my accounting degree yet, decided to drop out of the study and focused my efforts on developing my own business and officially started marketing business. I also started consulting 2012 after reasonable good success in affiliate marketing then and so far more than 50 businesses for the last 6 year.

My job is to become your Marketing Consultant who will take you to reach your ultimate goal without having the overwhelm, frustration and confusion growing and scale your business to the stage where you want to go.

I’m not ‘just’ another Marketing Consultant. I have built one of the top music download website in Brazil, generating 10m download. Also, I crafted sales funnels that sells website themes from Envato market place and generating over $5,000 every month. 

Since I myself am entrepreneurs and understand the wants and needs of them, I can work really well with entrepreneurs who got a business idea but needs an ‘executor’ so they can focus on what they’re good at.

I’m also happy to work with small business owners who would like to grow their business existence online, but got stuck because they think they need to hire tech teams to write a code, or spend thousands of dollars for web development company to develop for them which they can’t afford. 
I have a passion to promote the concept of sales funnel because that is what helps me to get back up on my feet, empowering me to step my business up to the next level.

And my mission is to help business owner to achieve ultimate goal of establishing self running business.

I’ve watched many business owners being so happy when their traditional website is developed and delivered only to find out there is not much sales flowing in, not knowing what they should do with their limited budget. With the power of marketing sales funnel we help them build for their business, they feel surprised at the start but rediscover their love for their businesses when we take the weight of executing the technical side of the sales funnel building off their shoulders, and deliver them more outcomes than they ever expected before. 

Simply put, Sales funnel is as if we put a dollar of advertising in and can get two dollars back out. That is what a sales funnel is all about.
Also, a sales funnel is kind of like taking your very best sales person that you have, cloning that person, and making it so that they work 24/7, 365days without taking a break.

We do give guidance about pretty much everything sales funnel is related.

I am so looking forward to showcasing you the power of a high quality marketing sales funnel can do for your business. 
Yuzuru Ishikawa

P.S. I have encountered many scenario where they already had spent so much money getting their traditional website developed only to find out it does not convert at all and came to me saying “what is wrong with this website?”

I don’t want to see this trend anymore so the sooner you come to me, the better I can serve in helping you hundreds of thousands of dollars.