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Focus on data driven strategy that decrease the cost per leads while increase profits margin. Globalcube strives to deliver the tools and support around products, services and work environment that helps companies growth. 

"TemplateMonster has been partners with Yuzuru for more than a year. Working with him is a real pleasure, as he is always thoughtful for details and ready to try something new to get the greater result. We are really happy to know him. And we highly recommend him as a loyal and diligent partner."
Julia Starlark
Julia Starlark
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We always want to focus on result for clients and it can only be produced with the combination of products, lead generation, lead management and work environment of business. We are certified google partner since 2013 so that we can professionally take care of your lead generation.

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Yuzuru Ishikawa


Leah De Guzman

Marketing Partner, Lead generation expert

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Callpage  partner, Lead management expert

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You might need to go somewhere away from the office for a while

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Work anytime

Life is unpredictable and doesn't always run on schedule.

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