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The Broken WordPress Link and a Simple Procedure You Can Use to Resolve It

broken wordpress link

Whether a link is redirecting an individual to another website or its connecting to another page on your own website, broken WordPress links are frustrating to deal with. I don’t know about you but if I visit a website and the links don’t work properly, I’m going to try to get my information elsewhere. It can be annoying to spend time researching topics via your favourite search engine, clicking on a website to get the information I desire and having to retrace your steps because nothing works properly.

A lot of blogs have RSS Feeds and even links to other internal pages such as archived content, previous posts and featured posts. You don’t want your daily visitors to endure what can be a nerve wrecking experience because of many broken WordPress links. One link could be the difference between you getting another subscriber and a visitor ignoring your website or moving on to sites that have more reliable URLs.

What is a Broken WordPress Link?


A broken WordPress link is any link that directs website visitors to another page that doesn’t exist. Links can also direct to content such as videos along with files which are available for download. The term is used synonymously with rotten or dead links. The connection is apparently made because these links literally take you nowhere. It isn’t uncommon for sites to have at least one broken WordPress link. After a while you will realize that these are unavoidable.

Why Do We Have Broken WordPress Links?

  • The website owner may have changed the post slug of a page. Often times this is done to improve the SEO quality of the website and increase the probability of that site appearing in search engine results. When a user tries to access this broken WordPress link nothing will happen.
  • Restructured websites will have varying URLs. For example, an administrator may change from the default WordPress structure to clean URLs. The destination page connected to the broken WordPress link may have been erased or removed. It could be a case where the content of that page has become outdated or the content isn’t appealing anymore.
  •  Hacking, lack of proper security or firewall or an owner falling behind on hosting bills could lead to a website being temporarily down or offline.
  • A popular reason is the website may no longer exist. Some websites are discontinued or transferred to a new domain. For sites which are transferred to a new domain, the owner may have forgotten to set up a redirect so visitors are automatically sent to the new domain.
  • Sometimes the error is internal. It is easy to forget to include ‘http://’ at the beginning of a link. A browser such as Google Chrome will think you are attempting to connect to a location that is similar to your current location. For example, if I incorrectly linked to www.yahoo.com through this article instead of http://www.yahoo.com, then the URL will be published as http://www.themecube.org/blog/www.yahoo.com. This is a common error which website owners make.

Why is it Crucial to Fix Broken WordPress Links?

There are many benefits to fixing the broken WordPress links that plague your site. First and foremost, your visitors will be rewarded with an awesome user experience. I am sure you have been reading a good article and then discovered that the links are all malfunctioning. Readers may feel that you don’t care about the blog or website and seek the information elsewhere.

Many SEO experts say that fixing a broken WordPress link, missing images, and 404 page errors, will improve your overall search engine ranking. Google states on their website that 404 errors will not impact a website’s ranking when it comes to search engine results. Regardless of this, it is imperative to fix a broken WordPress link. Aside from the obvious point related to a better experience for your visitors, no one will recommend or post a URL to a website that has many broken links. Overall it just looks bad on the owner of the website.

How to Fix Broken WordPress Links

broken wordpress link checker plugin

When it comes to fixing broken WordPress links, you can use the Broken Link Checker plugin. After installing and activating the plugin, just go to Settings then Link Checker:

brken link checker options

The plugin searches for broken WordPress in the background. Depending on the volume of content, the plugin could take a while to sift through all your posts or pages. You can see the broken WordPress links by either clicking on that link or going to Tools then Broken Links. All the broken links will be displayed:

shows broken wordpress links

Once you have all the broken WordPress links, you can do certain operations such as mark the links as unbroken or unlink all broken links and stop the page redirects. It is a very simple procedure to improve the quality of your website. Don’t hesitate to fix your broken WordPress links so your visitors can have a memorable, hassle-free experience when they visit your blog or website.