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How to Add a Facebook Follow Button to Your WordPress Site

With over 1.415 billion users, Facebook is by far the most widely used social network. This means it is the most ideal platform for companies to market their products and services. Incorporating links to company pages is quite pervasive as most websites display a Facebook icon so consumers can interact with them on social media.

The ‘Follow’ button is the most prevalent next to the Facebook ‘Like’ button. The steps to include this feature on your WordPress site depend on whether you only desire a single button for the overall site. In this case, remember to position the follow button in a prominent location where it can be easily spotted. For websites that convey content from several writers or contributors, this type of button will not suffice. Content authors will need their own button so their respective audience can keep up.

Creating a Single Facebook Follow Button

You will be amazed at how simple and straight forward this procedure is. Simply visit the Facebook Plugin Web Page, sign in with you credentials and move on to the creation of your very own button. The first step requires you to provide the URL for your profile. Visit the home page of your Facebook account and click the profile image or the ‘edit profile’ button in the left most corner of your screen. The URL that comes up in the address bar is the one for your personal profile.

In the case that you are displeased with the layout, get creative and customize it:


Once you are satisfied with the results, click the ‘Get Code’ button to obtain your exclusive code:


Paste the code into your widget, post or page. For the widget, go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widget. Then, after you drag and drop a text widget into an appropriate place within the sidebar, you can put these lines of code in the blank space. For your web pages, you open the header.php file from your theme directory, and then paste the code in the file.

Creating a Facebook Follow Button for WordPress Sites with Multiple Authors

Before attempting to add a follow button for this type of website, you will need to go through the Facebook plugin installation:

facebook-plugin-image-multiple authors

Once installed, activate the plugin, which will give you a Facebook menu item in the admin sidebar of your WordPress theme. Clicking on it will redirect you to the plugin’s general settings where you will be asked to provide an application key and a secret key.

In order to provide this information, you will need to create your own Facebook App. Firstly, go to the Facebook Developers website and log in using your account details.

Click Create a New App:

create-nw-app-imageChoose your platform:

add-new-app-imageType the name of your App or select Skip and Create ID to continue:


Once you have finalized the name for your App, you can proceed to create your very own ID:


A Developer page will now be available to you with both your App ID and APP Secret Key on display. Copy those keys and enter them into the Facebook plugin page on your WordPress website.

To add the follow button, go to Facebook > Follow Button. Choose the position where you want the follow to appear such as: posts, page, archives, home, etc. You can also decide whether you want the button to be positioned before posts, after posts or both. It would be ideal for you to display author information on single posts. Depending on your theme, you can choose to display the Facebook follow button below the posts or before the post content. You can also choose the colour scheme and content width. The three available layouts for the follow button are standard, button count, and box count. Choose the one that compliments your site’s layout and save the changes:


Once the app is setup, users must connect their  Facebook accounts with the WordPress site. If you are the only author on your website, then go to Facebook > Social Publisher and click on the link  ‘Associate your WordPress account with a Facebook account.’ Now you are ready to interact with all your followers and you even have the option to post your website content to your Facebook timeline. Social media marketing has been quite a phenomenon and Facebook is the most promising platform when you want to stay in touch with your audience.