Brand Authority Checklist

Are you ready to build your brand and establish yourself as an authority in your niche yet? There’s only one way to find out! Read on and we’ll recap everything covered in the book so you can tick off each job as you go…


If you’re able to put a tick next to each item on this list, then you are 100% ready to start building your brand…



  1. Create Your Goals and Values


  • Think about your value proposition and USP


  • Think about the values that drive you to perform well


  • Think about what sets your business apart from the competition


  • Now answer the question ‘What do you do’?


  • Turn this into your ‘mission statement’ in 25 words (or thereabouts) and use it to inform all the subsequent decisions.


  1. Choose a name


  • Choose a name for your business and website


  • Decide if you will have one brand or multiple brands (a site and a company for instance)


  • Think about how a name will affect your SEO down the line and your marketing


  • Decide whether you want to ‘separate’ yourself from your brand or create a personal brand


  1. Create a logo


  • This is going to impact on ALL your branding and ALL your products going forward


  • Create a mood board with various images relating to your business


  • Avoid cliches


  • Combine your images to create something new


  • Test which logo to go with by surveying your friends/family/visitors


  • Ensure your logo is versatile


  • Trademark your brand if you think you need to


  1. Create a consistent brand and ‘be everywhere’


  • Create your website and ensure your brand is built into it


  • Set up social media accounts on all the main networks and include your brand as your profile picture/cover image


  • Add your brand to your business cards, your invoices, your e-mail signature


  • Create video openers with your logo, consider creating a jingle


  1. Deliver consistent quality to build trust and authority


  • Use content marketing to help raise your profile and to let people get to know you


  • Post regularly in your niche and provide value above and beyond your competition


  • Make sure that any and all products are of consistently high quality


  • Keep a common set of values and design principles behind everything you put out


  1. Market yourself


  • Use SEO make sure that your website is the first result for your company/website name


  • Use SEO to target specific keywords alongside your content marketing


  • Use PPC and other forms of advertising to make sure more people see your logo and to drive customers to your business


  • Use press releases to try and get your story covered by websites and other media


  • Network with other big bloggers to gain the trust of their viewers. Ask for guest posts and consider doing ‘ad swaps’ if you are using e-mail marketing.


  1. Encourage brand loyalty


  • Provide consistent quality


  • Give your users incentives to stay loyal to your brand


  • Build a mailing list


  • ‘Under promise’ and ‘over deliver’


  • Use promotional gifts to get people behind you

  1. Manage your brand


  • Use repututation management to reduce the visibility of negative reviews or other damaging materials


  • Respond to your reviews and be seen to be accountable


  • Listen and engage with your audience


  • Consider a rebrand – this means designing a new logo and maybe even a new name to do business under.


Once you’ve ticked all these boxes you will now be running a well-thought-out brand with a great logo and a good sense of quality and value. Make sure that you stick to the same principles that helped you to start out and that you express who you are in everything you do.


The main takehome is this: people love to get behind an idea. At its very root, a brand is just an idea made concrete through your products, services and marketing. Make sure that everything you do is an expression of what you believe and you will build a legion of loyal fans willing to follow you to the ends of the Earth.