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How to regenerate WordPress Thumbnails after changing Thumbnail sizes

Normally, there are times when you want to switch to a new theme or change the size of the Thumbnail via your media settings. When you do this, then the sizes of your Thumbnails will also not work well with your theme. In either or both of the above situations, you’d feel the need of regenerating thumbnails which are well-matched to the new sizes. Regenerating thumbnails can be done manually. Many people have tried to look for software here and there which can perform this duty. There’s however no need to download software to regenerate wordpress thumbnails. In the stead, you can use this fast, simple and effective method of carrying it out which is via a plugin known as Regenerate Thumbnails. Regenerate WordPress Thumbnails is a useful plugin which, after changing the thumbnails sizes, lets you to change the thumbnail in WordPress. It does so well without the frills. It is fast and offers solid solution to renew old thumbnails in cases of template-change.

force regenerationTo be able to regenerate the thumbnail using this plugin, you must have this plugin in your site. If you do not have it then you will need to first of all install and activate it.

Installing this plugin is just very easy. You simply go to the admin area and select ‘Plugins’ options. Then click ‘Add new’ from the menu. Click ‘Search’ then type ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’. Click ‘install’ then ‘activate’, and you will be good to operate your plugin.

How then does this plugin regenerate thumbnail?

After you have installed this plugin into your site, you can go ahead to operate it. After changing the thumbnail sizes in your Settings>>media or even in your theme settings, you can go to the Tools, then head to Regenerate Thumbnails and click the ‘Regenerate All Thumbnails’ button.

In the media library, there are options of regenerating the thumbnails that you can use. You can decide to use the individual image upload which you can do via the Media page. Likewise, you can do the same if you want to regenerate all of them, where you will click the ‘Bulk Actions’. This, you will get under ‘Tools’ then to ‘Regenerate thumbnails’.

There are times when, after regenerating the thumbnails, the answer may not be pleasing as you as you thought it would. One important thing you need to know is that the entire exercise of thumbnail regeneration is irreversible. So in a case where you are not impressed by the results, you can just change your thumbnail regeneration back to the old values and click the button again.