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WordPress Comments: An Easy Way to Disable Them on Your Website

WordPress is a versatile platform when it comes to content creation. You do have the option to customize your layout so that your website looks like the average site. When taking this route, you will only require the WordPress comments to appear on the blog posts instead of all pages or other content types.

A newly created page will have WordPress comments enabled by default. This feature can be a bit frustrating to deal with, especially if you have quite a few pages on your hands. It can be quite a hassle to disable WordPress comments globally. Comments can be turned off for new posts in the “Settings > Discussion” screen. However, all previously published posts would still retain their WordPress comments settings and need to be disabled individually under the “Discussion” metabox on the post edit screen. This can take a lot of time though. Good thing there is an easier way out.

Disabling WordPress Comments with the Click of a Button

There is a plugin which allows administrators to globally disable WordPress comments on any content type, such as posts, pages and attachments, so that these settings cannot be overridden for individual posts. It also removes all comment-related fields from edit and quick-edit screens. “Disable Comments”, which you can download for free from WordPress.Org, will give you control over your WordPress comments:

disable-wordpress comments

After you enable the plugin, you can choose to disable WordPress comments across the board or on certain types of posts. If you want the changes to be permanent, choose the “persistent mode” option before saving all your changes. If you choose to make the changes permanent, then you can delete the plugin once you have made the necessary adjustments and saved the changes. In addition to that, WordPress comment-related items can be removed from the Admin Bar, Admin Menu, Dashboard, as well as the Widgets.

It is important to note that this plugin isn’t necessary if you just want to disable WordPress comments on individual posts. You already have that option so only go through this process if you want to have more control than the default functionality which WordPress offers.