what is common in successful business?

As I have been doing consulting for last couple of years, I found couple of similarities in those business which is full of clients.

But one that stands out the most is that they are strongly aware of their competitors.

I often hear people saying “Don’t compare your business to others”

I don’t think that is correct and I would be asking those who said that comment like “How would you be able to make successful business without comparing your business to others?”

Well, looking around the big business in the society. I am sure that McDonald is aware of other fast food business including hamburger franchise business.

Any industries such as amusement park business, entertainment business, Solar Panel business, Consulting business, LawnMower business, Property Development Business etc are comparing their business to those in the same industries performing well.

Be like customers


And the most important reason why we should compare our business to that of others is because customers will compare your business to competitors.
Because your costumers will compare, you would need to do comparison between yours and others to understand how your prospects would feel, think.

Especially these days, there are so many businesses and they have websites online, people will look at each of them, trying to figure out which one is the best to meet their needs.

Therefore, I am always telling my clients to do deep thorough comparison between their business and their competitors.

Some of them do pretty good job of comparison and that is why their website will generate more leads and convert better in practice.

When I talk to my clients, I will always ask them about their competitors information. Why do I want competitors information?

Well, if I expect my clients to be strongly aware of their competitors, I think it is logical and making sense that me who is consulting my clients also needs to be strongly aware of their competitors correct?

Talking about competitors, you also needs to be strongly aware of your customers too.

Those business which are getting good volume of clients are in general strongly aware of how their customers would be looking at your business.

You may be thinking now that this is something we take for granted and you would assume that most of the business are actually doing this however, it is not so in reality.

That is the reason why business comes to me for help I believe.

There are so many business out there whether be it online or offline that is trying to sell their service or product, but not understanding why their GREAT product is not becoming popular.

Sacrifice your time for prospects


Simple answer is that they don’t understand what their prospects are thinking.

Put it another way, the business is not thinking enough to understand their prospects.
In addition, they are not spending enough time to go through what their prospect would go through when they are going to make decision.

I would have to decline my consulting if the business is not keen to listen, feel, and understand their prospects because not doing this is the sign of low sincerity.

One of the reason why I am getting my consulting job offer constantly is because I am spending as much time as possible with my clients to understand their needs.

As a result, I am in the position these days to decline some request from prospects too.

My case


What I am different from big company is that I can be very flexible. It means my clients catch me easy, make appointment easy, reply quick, come on site if necessary very prompt.

I have a client who have been doing our adwords managed service for a while. They used to use other company which is much bigger than us, promoting nationwide, having lots of staff, spending lots of budget to attract new prospects.

What I was surprised when they are converted to my service is that they simply wanted to spend time with us, not the quality of the service delivered to them.

They were pretty happy with what this big company was doing. However, there is one important element missing. Do you know what?

They simply send performance report every month and that is it. I don’t say it is bad because the performance seems pretty good, yet, my clients was not fully happy.

They won’t be able to see in person for further discussion. That is what my current clients wanted and I simply deliver this point so they keep me now.

By the way, I am saying you should spend time hundreds of hours without any sleep to understand the very details of their prospects. It does not take that much of time.

Competitors research not too difficult.


That is why I am telling all of my clients to do this competitors research. If the workload is too hard, I would not be telling them to do it at the start.

If you understand what I meant, you would never have to ask me the questions like

“What kind of things I should write in my blog?”

“What kind of support I should give to my prospect?”

“Should I write my private in my blogging too so that we sound more friendly to my prospect?”

“Should I get our team to take turn writing blog?”

When they asked me those questions, I would have to go like

“Don’t ask me those questions because I am not your prospect”

Although in practice I know the answer to those questions if I had a chance to do the research, I won’t give them the answer. Rather, I would give them the opportunity to find out themselves.

Please take my advice if you are wanting more clients or customers. If you don’t need any more, then don’t follow my advice.

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