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Disqus: How to Add the PlugIn to a WordPress Site

Disqus is a third party plug in that is ideal for your WordPress website. It is an excellent commenting system which makes it quite convenient to participate in discussions.

The Benefits of Using Disqus

Even though WordPress has its own commenting system, it is more productive to incorporate this reliable plugin. There is a lovely spam filter which is a challenge that its WordPress counterpart faces. Moderation is much easier with Disqus! This is where you can approve, spam, or delete comments.

Another advantage is the impact that a lot of comments would have on the server is cushioned by Disqus. There is no need to worry about your website moving slowly or taking forever to load. In the event that you are displeased with Disqus’ performance, there is always the option to revert to the previous plugin. It syncs with your WordPress database so this is a very simple task.

Redundancy is eliminated with this third party system because it’s not confined to your database. Synchronisation of comments is also not an issue since they are connected to the URL of the post or page.

Adding Disqus to WordPress

Before you can add Disqus to WordPress, you need to go to the Disqus website and either log in or create an account:

Then, simply click on the  ‘For Websites’ link next to the Disqus logo:

On the next screen, click the ‘Add Disqus to Your Site’ button next to your profile pic on the top right corner of the screen. You will be redirected to a signup form where you need to provide your website information. Provide the title of your blog or website and select a unique URL for your website. This unique URL will give you access to all your comments after you have installed Disqus on your site. Finally, you get choose a category for your website. Once you are done, hit the ‘Finish Registration’ button:


After the registration process is complete, you will be asked to choose your platform. You need to click on WordPress, where you will be given more details to setup the commenting system on your site. Now that you have registered your site for Disqus commenting system, it is time to connect your WordPress site to the platform. To do this, install and activate the Disqus Comment System plugin. Once this is complete, go to ‘Comments’ then ‘Settings’ and sign in with your Disqus account information. To transfer your old comments, scroll down to the ‘Import and Export’ section of the plugin’s settings page and click the ‘Export Comments’ button. This will begin the import process of transferring all your old WordPress comments:


Now that you’ve successfully integrated Disqus into your WordPress site, users will now be able to participate in discussions. This reliable plugin won’t disappoint you. Disqus is a reliable means of giving your site visitors a voice and the benefits of using this plugin will ultimately improve your WordPress site.