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Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Accessible on all Devices

In a world where mobile devices have become so vital to everyday life, it is important to ensure that your website can keep up with the fast pace at which technology is moving. Most people prefer to browse the internet on their phones rather than their laptops. Even tablets are becoming a preferred choice when it comes to surfing the web. If you’re an entrepreneur, mobile optimization can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement. Even the average mobile friendly WordPress blog can benefit from adapting to all these different mobile devices. WordPress is a very popular platform for websites so it is no surprise that there are measures which can be implemented to make your website mobile friendly. WordPress website visitors will enjoy the ability to view your content on any device. Quite a few plugins are available to help you with your mobile friendly WordPress sites too so don’t worry about all the complex coding procedures that are affiliated with responsiveness.

The Benefits of a Mobile Friendly WordPress Website

Since responsive design business websites have a single URL and exactly the same HTML, irrespective of device, it’s more efficient and simpler for your users to remember. No one wants to go through the hassle of memorizing two different URLs for their favourite cooking blog, then another set for the blogs they go to for information about sports, news and so on. Also, a mobile site which has a different URL and separate HTML from its desktop counterpart means that Google spiders have to crawl and index numerous versions of the same website. Another point to consider is it is exceedingly difficult to predict all the diverse devices and screen sizes that visitors to your business website use so creating a responsive website design takes care of that issue. Talk about time-consuming and unnecessary! The overall user experience is improved with mobile friendly WordPress sites because it is much simpler to share, engage, and link your content.

An increasing number of people are diving into online purchases to save money, energy and time. Making a trip to a physical store is more difficult to fathom when mobile shopping has undoubtedly become so mainstream. Therefore, you can definitely keep up with this most recent trend by optimizing your offline business establishment to cater to mobile users. On some occasions, a very chic article of clothing is seen on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram with a link to shop. These apps, although they have desktop counterparts, are mainly accessed via mobile devices. Image your customer’s disappointment when the lovely pair of gladiator sandals cannot be purchased from a smart phone because your website won’t allow it. Chances are you will lose that potential customer to the competition.

Most people can’t be bothered to put down the cell phone and log into a desktop just to place an order. Why can’t you give me the option to purchase this item? Amazon and Etsy have the option to shop from mobile devices so why don’t you? You have lost the battle if your customers start asking these questions. It is apparent that they are frustrated and won’t tolerate the primitive layout of your website especially when other retailers fail to deliver what you can’t. Majority of your potential customers use mobile devices on an ongoing basis every day. A mobile friendly WordPress website results in sales opportunities that you’d miss out on a conventional business website. Don’t get left behind.

Converting to a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site with WPtouch

wptouch Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

After downloading the plugin, go to Plugins on your dashboard then Add New. Search for WPtouch then click on Install, and then on Activate Plugin. Your other option involves downloading it from the WordPress plugin repository. WPtouch will then be added as an option on your admin menu. About four pages of options are available. Some have several tabs and can be too much to take in at once so it is best to stick to the vital stuff in the initial stages.

It is imperative that you go to WPtouch, then Core Settings and set the Display Mode to Preview. You don’t want your readers or customers to be on the website while you are making these changes. You’re going to also preview the website as you make changes to ensure it works flawlessly. As you configure the layout, ensure you test the site:

test before config. Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

You can test the site on an actual mobile device or with a simulator to ensure it is mobile friendly. WordPress on a whole is easy to handle because of the many available plugins so you can get creative without knowing all the technical stuff.

The free version allows you to set up a mobile menu for the mobile friendly WordPress version. From there you can decide which options are most important for your visitors. You will also get a chance to set bookmark icons as well. The basic necessities are available via the free version. However if you wish to get a bit more specific, you can opt to go pro. WPtouch Pro includes a variety of enhanced themes for blogs, businesses, and WooCommerce retailers. There are extensions that add rich advertising options, advanced web font controls, caching, top-notch one-on-one support from the professional team, among other features. Here are a few additional mobile friendly WordPress plugins to optimize your website for all your tech savvy customers:

Jetpack Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

Jetpack Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin

wp mobile pack Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

WP Mobile Edition Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

wp mobile edition Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin