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Post From WordPress to Twitter With Ease

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Twitter is one of the best tools for marketing and advertising. It is also an excellent tool to keep your followers informed. If you’re an avid blogger, there is no need to manually tweet each post when this functionality is possible from your WordPress site. With the right tools, you have the option to send your posts directly from WordPress to Twitter as soon as they are published. There are a few plugins which you can use to post from WordPress to Twitter. In this article, we have provided two great examples and will be demonstrating a step by step procedure with one of these plugins so you can get started easily.

WordPress to Twitter Plugins

WordPress lives up to its reputation of being one of the most user-friendly platform, by having a plugin for any task you wish to get done. You can use any of these plugins to post from WordPress to Twitter:

WP to Twitter

wp to twitter wordpress to twitter plugin
Free features include:
-Use post tags as Twitter hashtags
-Support for Google Analytics
-Use alternate URLs in place of post permalinks
-Support for XMLRPC remote clients
-YOURLS, Goo.gl, Bit.ly, jotURL, or Su.pr as external URL shorteners
Premium features Include the following options:
-Authors can set up their own Twitter accounts in their profiles
-Time controlled Tweeting
-Scheduled Tweet management
-Simultaneously Tweet to site and author Twitter accounts
-Preview and Tweet comments
-Filter Tweets by taxonomy such as categories, tags, or custom taxonomies
-Uploading images to Twitter
-Integrated Twitter Card support
-Automatically schedule Tweets of old posts

Tweet My Post WordPress to Twitter Plugin

tweet my post plugin
This WordPress to Twitter plugin allows WordPress Authors to set their twitter handle. When a new post is published, a tweet will be sent with the post’s title, link, it’s author’s twitter handle and a featured image. The default format for posts would be “POST_TITLE – POST_LINK by @AUTHOR. You can also set your own custom format that suits you best. Several options are available to customize your tweet through the settings or at the sidebar on the post/page editor. It is fairly simple to use and is a great choice for the WordPress novice.

Posting Tweets From WordPress to Twitter

Before proceeding, install your plugin. For these steps, we are using WP to Twitter. It is crucial to note that before this feature can be incorporated into your site, you will require a Twitter App. To make use of Twitter API, Twitter now requires authentication using the OAuth protocol. In order to use this plugin, you would need to create a Twitter App for your website. Sounds technical? Well, not to worry! It is not as intricate or complicated as it sounds.

Creating a Twitter App for Your WordPress Site

First, visit the Twitter Apps Registration page and sign in with the credentials for your Twitter account. Click the Create New App button to register your app. On the next page, simply enter a name for your app. You will also need a little description, your website URL and then use the same URL as the ‘callback’ URL for the app.

application details
At this point, Twitter will now create an app for you and will redirect you to your app page. Now you need to give this app read-write access to your Twitter account. To do that, simply click on the Settings tab, and scroll down to the Application Type section. Under Access field choose Read and Write and update your Twitter app settings. Go back to your app’s Details page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Create My Access Token. Twitter will now generate your access token. Keep this information because you will need it when you head back to your WordPress site. Below your access token keys, it will also show you access level. Ensure that it is Read and Write.

Setting Up the WordPress to Twitter Plugin

At this point, you will have all the keys you require to authenticate your site with Twitter. Go to Settings and WP to Twitter to configure the plugin settings. Copy your consumer key, consumer secret, access token, and access token secret keys and paste them in the WP to Twitter settings. Then click Connect to Twitter in order to authenticate your site:
wordpress to twitter consumer key
After authenticating your site with Twitter, the next step is to configure WP to Twitter settings for your tweets. On the plugin’s settings page, scroll down to Basic Settings section:
basic settings-wordpress to twitter
The first option under basic settings is to choose a URL shortening service provider if you wish to use one. It will also show you options for each post type. If you are using custom post types, then those post types would appear. By default, it will show posts, pages, and links. You can click the check-boxes for the post types you want to send from WordPress to Twitter. WP to Tweet can automatically send content from WordPress to Twitter when you publish a new post or update one. You can even get creative and set your own tweet messages for outgoing tweets. Once you are through with the configuration process, remember to save all of your settings.

Basically this is all you need to do in order to set up automatic tweets for new posts in WordPress. However, the plugin comes with some advanced settings which will allow you to use WordPress tags as hashtags for your tweets. This is pretty amazing, since these are the same tags which your readers will probably be looking out for. You can also enable Google Analytics tracking. If your website has multiple authors, you can give each author the option to send individual tweets from WordPress to Twitter. This is what the advanced settings options look like in the plugin:
adv settings wordpress to twitter
Under the Author Settings you can check the box which appears next to ‘Authors have individual Twitter accounts.’ This will give your authors the option to add their Twitter handles under their profile information. You even have the option to choose user roles which will have permission to add their twitter information, send tweets, or over-ride default tweet settings:

author settings wordpress to twitter
There are probably going to instances where the automatic feature won’t be necessary. In this case, you can choose to manually send a post from WordPress to Twitter. Whether you choose to schedule your tweet, post it manually or automatically update your Twitter followers when a post is edited, either of these plugins will work wonders for your website.