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Manage WordPress Downloads With This Amazing Plugin

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When you have content on your WordPress site which your subscriber can access and download, there are ways in which you can oversee the process. One plugin which gets the job done in terms of monitoring downloads in WordPress Download Manager. This plugin has a wide range of features to get the job done efficiently. So the next time you want to keep track of the free ebook you are offering to readers, or the pdf file with all the juicy details that your visitors will enjoy, consider using this plugin.

WordPress Download Manager Plugin

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WordPress Download Manager is a document management plugin that has a full e-commerce solution for selling digital products. The WordPress Download Manager plugin will help you to manage, track, control file downloads & sell digital products easily from your WordPress site. Password and role protection is what you will use to control access to all your filed. It’s fairly easy to organize the pricing information when you desire to sell any digital item from your website.

The e-commerce aspect of this plugin is very reliable for digital products which have a price tag. Once someone tries to download such an item from your WordPress site, the shopping cart and checkout options will appear. User experience is excellent for WordPress downloads. The plugin is specifically designed to increase the chances of a successful checkout. The order will be completed in no time! It is always better to consider shopping cart optimization as an action to remove barrier to the goal of selling your digital products. It makes no sense you spend all that time and effort promoting a downloadable product only to end up annoying your potential customer with a horrible shopping cart experience.

WordPress Download Manager Features

  • Custom post type as well as taxonomy
  • Drag and Drop File Upload
  • Google Drive support to store your files in Google drive
  • DropBox support to store your files in DropBox
  • com support to store your files in Box.com
  • Option to “Open in Browser” or “Download” files ( PDFs or images )
  • Control Download Speed
  • Option to control who can access the download
  • Password protection to enforce security
  • Download Counter to track the number of downloads
  • Custom download link icon
  • File type icon support DataTable support ( use short-code [wpdm-all-packages jstable=1 items_per_page=20] )
  • Searching and Sorting Option
  • Custom link label
  • Short-code for download link
  • Short-code for direct link to downloadable file (wpdm_hotlink id=file_id_required link_label=any_text_optional)
  • Widget for new files
  • Widget for top downloads
  • Widget for searching downloads

The WordPress Download Manager plugin has features which appear to be infinite. With add-ons such as  Google Drive Explorer and DropBox Explorer , you can even store your files elsewhere to save your server bandwidth. Apps are available for devices such as your android cellphone to make it easier for you to get statistics on the go. This WordPress download plugin has so much to offer!

Adding Files With WordPress Download Manager

Once the WordPress Download Manager has been installed and activated, a File Manager Menu will be displayed directly below the settings menu. This is what your screen should display once this has been accomplished:

wordpress download plugin install

Go to File Manager and select the option to add a new file. You can then move on to setting the password, display a counter to keep track of the number of downloads and create an enticing description of your file.Satisfied with all your settings? Great! Go ahead and upload it by clicking the option to create. The site will then redirect you to the embed code. Copy the code and add it to your content. You can embed your download through your Write Post panel. It is a fairly easy procedure. You can even include different shadows & boxes with details of your download package. Here is the image of  the Write Post panel:

wordpress download post type

Click insert and then you will see the shortcode in your post. Now your journey has basically come to an end and you should have your download button ready and waiting to be accessed by your customers:

wordpress download buttons

Remember, the possibilities are endless with the WordPress Download Manager plugin. In no time you will be customizing all your digital files! You won’t be disappointed when you realize how user friendly this procedure is.