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WP Social Bookmarking Light, An Awesome PlugIn to Share Your WordPress Content

Social media is a vital part of establishing and maintaining a sturdy presence online. It is so common for a website to have social media share links for those who want to engage with their Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Blog posts have all these options to pass on the content to even Google+ among other social media networks. Through this simple procedure, more traffic is accumulated. Constant visits from social media sites will also improve your overall SEO ranking with search engines such as Google. Imagine when someone searches for a keyword which is among topics discussed and highlighted on your blog or website, you could actually show up on the first page of results.

Now there are quite a few social media plugins available for your WordPress site. The WP Social Bookmarking Light is one such plugin which will suit all your needs. It is typical for you to want to connect with everyone one all the social media networks. However ask yourself this: “Is it necessary?” A WordPress site which overuses the WP Social Bookmarking Light icons will look clustered or over crowded.

So far the most prevalent icons are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Perhaps you can decide which are relevant. For example, you probably wouldn’t add an icon such as Pinterest to a post that is wordy and devoid of any interesting images. The WP Social Bookmarking Light plugin has a wide range of icons to connect to all your favorite social networks or platforms so it is up to you to decide which ones work in your favor.

WP Social Bookmarking Light

How to setup WP Social Bookmarking Light

Here is a list of some options available to you when you use WP Social Bookmarking Light:

Facebook Google Bookmark Reddit
Google+ FriendFeed LinkedIn
Tumblr Hatena Evenote
Twitter Livedoor Clip YahooBuzzjj

As shown above, there are quite a few options available. The entire list is can be viewed here.

How to Setup WP Social Bookmarking Light

In order to add the icons to your site, first you will need to go ahead and install the WP Social Bookmarking Light plugin. Whether you choose to upload the directory to the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ or add the plugin via your Dashboard, once that’s done you can activate it. To activate WP Social Bookmarking Light, go to your Plugins menu. Open the WP Social Bookmarking Light Options control panel through the Settings menu and change the configurations to suit your needs. The plugin comes with pre-set options so you don’t necessarily need to change much. However it is your choice to change the settings and tailor the options to suit the needs of your website.

You may find that you don’t need Reddit because you don’t have anything relative to video content on your website or blog. This should be an issue since you have the option to decide which icons to include in the share options. If you are not sure, you can always start with the most popular ones, namely Facebook, twitter and Google Plus. Then, once you have established the other platforms that you would like to venture into then you can add them accordingly. Get creative, and prepare to share all your juicy details with all your followers across multiple social media networks.