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Head Cleaner, the Ideal WordPress Plugin for Unwanted Tags and Slow CSS / JavaScript

When it comes to your website, speed is vital to overall user experience. You want to ensure that only necessary resources are running so that your visitors aren’t faced with a horrible, slow loading webpage. This could determine whether or not you get a new subscriber or even a new sale for your product. No one recommends poor quality to their friends and loved ones so ensure you are on point when it comes to this aspect of your website. A simple share button could get you a few new subscribers or new customers. People tend to trust reviews and recommendations offered by friends so always put your best foot forward where your WordPress site is concerned.

The Head Cleaner WordPress plugin works beautifully when it comes to speeding up the JavaScript and CSS included in your functions. Inefficient JavaScript and CSS code has the potential to slow down your website considerably. A sluggish website with unnecessary tags is very annoying. Head Cleaner will also clean all the redundant tags from your WordPress header and footer. The great thing is this plugin is fairly simple to manoeuvre and with the detailed instructions for setup or installation you will grasp the concept of the process easily.

head cleaner image

Features of the Head Cleaner WordPress Plugin

Before diving into the technicalities, let me just point out that this plugin has excellent localization. Languages such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Dutch and Turkish are supported. You won’t have an issue where this is concerned.

  • In terms of JavaScript, the footer area files are combined into a single file. You will be pleased to know that the file also comprises of inline JavaScript as well.
  • Tags and duplicate, unnecessary tags, comments, and removes them.
  • You can have multiple CSS files into the media and a binding for each attribute. Of course, the file contains inline CSS too like the JavaScript feature.
  • URLs of images in CSS will be converted into the data scheme URIs.

There are several other features which add to the awesomeness that Head Cleaner has to offer. You can visit the official page on WordPress for this plugin to view Details about the technical information about .js files as well as the version, updates and more.

Installing Head Cleaner

The first step is uploading the entire head-cleaner folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Before you proceed, ensure you create a JavaScript and CSS directory under the /wp-content/cache/head-cleaner/ directory. Next, go ahead and activate the plugin by going to the Plugins menu on your WordPress Dashboard. You will find that your control panel is located via Settings then you can click Head Cleaner. Here is a screenshot of the admin options available in the Head Cleaner plugin:

head cleaner admin page

Based on the image you can see that a wide range of functionality becomes available to you. With all the great features at your disposal, your site will be free from unwanted tags in no time! Head Cleaner has a large number of users and the positive reviews and ratings are just additional proof of its effectiveness. Of course there are other plugins on the market! However Head Cleaner WordPress Plugin is one of the most pervasive and is applauded for its simplicity. Simple it may be, it still gets the job done efficiently. You wont be disappointed when the results become apparent.