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How to setup PS Auto Sitemap

ps auto sitemap styles

The PS Auto Sitemap is a WordPress plugin that automatically generates a site map page based on the layout of your WordPress site. It is easy to install for beginners and easy to customize for experts who are a bit more experienced and eager customize at a more proficient level. It can change the settings of the display of the lists from administration page:

ps auto sitemap styles

Quite a few CSS skins for the site map tree are prepared as well. When you use WordPress as a CMS, you can expect benefits such as improved SEO as well as excellent usability. Sitemaps can be in HTML or XML format. Both are similar in terms of functionality.

An HTML sitemap can be used effectively to increase the usability of a website by providing a page that links out to the major pages found on a website. In this case the map would be created for the purpose of navigation.  Visitors to your site have an idea of where they are and where they are going at all times with such a map. Another pro is sitemaps can prove beneficial to search engines. The links connect to other pages so the sitemap can be useful to search engine spiders while they are crawling through the site.

XML sitemaps, on the other hand are created especially for search engines, and they’re not useful to human visitors. The majority of the search engines being used today are now using XML sitemaps to find and index all of the appropriate pages on a website that offers an XML sitemap. This is the best option for website owners that want to ensure that Google is aware of all of their pages on their site. PS Auto Sitemap WordPress plugin will simplify the sitemap creation process for you. The only thing you have to do on your end is handle customization.

ps auto sitemap setup

How to Install PS Auto Sitemap for WordPress

For those who are using versions prior to 2.7, download the file. Then continue by unzipping the downloaded package. Once that step is complete, upload it to your WordPress plugins directory. If the version of WordPress that you are using is 2.7 or higher, then you can go ahead and install the plugin from the admin page.

Go to Plugins to view the list and then click PS Auto Sitemap. Activate the plugin. The next thing you are required to do is post a page to be used as the location of your sitemap. Use HTML mode to insert the following code into the content area: <!– SITEMAP CONTENT REPLACE POINT –>

Define the sitemap’s ID at “PostID of the sitemap” field of the settings. Once this is complete you can update the page. Its that simple! There are several designs available for the PS Auto Sitemap layout among other settings such as posts which can be excluded:


ps auto sitemap settings