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How to Setup Akismet

Have you ever operated a WordPress blog and got sick of the spammy comments? Or, are you operating a blog and would want to monitor its spam level? If yes, this then is the right plugin for you. Akismet is a wonderful and a powerful WordPress plugin which manages comment spamming by identifying spammers and spam comments after which it diverts them to spam folder, which is easy to clean. It has a powerful algorithm which has identified and has mastered all the actions of possible spammers.

Akismet comes in different pricing plans with a basic plan for personal or non-commercial plans. Before activating Akismet, make sure you check your needs.

How then do you get started with this plugin?

Installing Akismet for WordPress

There are two ways to install Akismet. First of all, go to WordPress plugin directory and download it. Once you download, go to your website WordPress admin area and click on ‘add plugins’, then ‘upload the plugin’ and finally activate.

how to setup akismet

The second option is perhaps much easier and faster as compared to the first one. You go to the plugin area and click ‘add new plugin’. Select Akismet from the available plugins in WordPress plugin directory and then click ‘install’. The plugin will automatically be installed to your site simply like that.

Activating Akismet for WordPress

how to setup akismet Once you have installed the plugin, you will be shown the ‘activate’ button. The plugin will be activated in the plugin directory but will only function upon the activation of an account with Akismet site and the insertion of Akismet API key on to your website.

To achieve this, you will be required to click on the yellow box which will appear above the plugin area signaling you to activate the Akismet plugin. Akismet API Key is a code combining both numbers and letters which acts as a special password to grant your site access to use Akismet features on a particular site.

how to setup akismet

To get Akismet API key, you will need to visit their site and sign up an account. You can sign up a personal, pro or enterprise account. Each type of account attracts different subscription fees. Enterprise account wants user access to Akismet API for connection to multiple WordPress sites. If you run several WordPress sites, this is the absolute account for you.

Customizing Akismet for WordPress

To customize this plugin, you need to visit plugin area of your site and click on Akismet. You will then navigate to the configuration area of the plugin from where you can alter a few possible things.