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How to setup TinyMCE Advanced

Are you finding it hard to operate the buttons shown on the Visual Editor Toolbar? Worry no more as we introduce to you a wonderful plugin that will help you in all the operations and the customization of the Toolbar. TinyMCE Advanced is a plugin that enables you to remove, add or even rearrange the buttons that are shown on the Visual Editor Toolbar.

how to setup tinyMCE AdvancedApart from enabling you operate the buttons, this plugin also helps in adding a number of features. Such features include;

  • Several options when inserting lists
  • Being able to set Font size and Font family easily
  • Provide support for creating and editing tables

Installing TinyMCE Advanced

Installing TinyMCE Advanced is not only simple but very fast also. It does not require much effort as one may think. Careful adherence to the steps given below will give you the best results.

To start with, you will log into your WordPress site. While in the site, look for ‘Plugins’ in the left-hand pane. When you click it, you will be shown ‘Add new’. Since this is a plugin you want to install for the first time, you will click the ‘Add new’ section.

A ‘Search’ text box where you insert or type the name of the plugin you are searching for will then be brought to you. You will type ‘tinymce’ in the ‘Search’ box then click ‘search plugins’.

There’s also the ‘Name’ column in the site. This will help you locate the plugin, e.g. TinyMCE Advanced. It will take some few minutes, and then bring you to ‘Install now’ section.

Activating TinyMCE Advanced

how to setup tinyMCE AdvancedAfter the plugin shall have been successfully installed by WordPress, you will click ‘Activate plugin’.

This will be an indication that the plugin is good to start operating. It is then that you can start adding, removing and even arranging the buttons as you would want them to be in the toolbar. You also can add a variety of features as explained above.

Configure TinyMCE Advanced

You can configure this plugin to whichever way you want it to work. Follow the following steps to help you do this;

how to setup tinyMCE AdvancedFirst of all, log into your WordPress site, and then go straight to the left-hand pane. At this pane, there is the section of the ‘Settings’ which you will click to bring you a variety of features. Click TinyMCE Advanced which will bring you to the section of ‘Editor Settings’. Use the button icons to add and remove the buttons from the editing toolbar. You still can rearrange their order in the toolbar to fit your style.

There’s also the editor menu which lets you access some of the features that you do not use on frequent basis. To use them, you can enable the editor menu by selecting ‘Enable the editor menu’ check box. This you can do instead of placing the button on the toolbar.

Remember, all these are changes you will always refer to in your daily operations. To ensure that you do not lose them, click the ‘Save changes’ button.

After saving the changes, go to the left-hand pane and click ‘Posts’ then ‘Add new’. The WordPress editor will then appear with the options you selected.

With this, you shall have configured the plugin and you will be good to use any button on the toolbar as you wish.