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How to setup All in One SEO Pack

Having a WordPress blog isn’t just enough. There are more to be done to it. Hundreds and thousands of sites and blogs appear on the internet each second on a daily basis, all seeking to be visible. Search engines have a way of ensuring your blog or site‘s visibility. To be able to appear on the search engines, you will need to optimize your site with the most powerful and popular Search Engine Optimization plugins such as the All In One SEO Pack.

How to setup All in One SEO PackAll In One SEO Pack plugin is one of the best and the most powerful WordPress plugins with over 15 million downloads. It is always recommended for WordPress blogs since it optimizes the blogs for the search engines. This plugin is not only powerful but also very helpful for WordPress newbies who want to start website optimization.

It is important to note that installing All In One SEO Pack plugin is not enough. For better performance in your blog, you will need to do proper and in-depth settings, which will go a long way towards ensuring that your blog is well optimized.

To maximize the SEO benefits for your blog, read on for proper and recommended settings of the All In One SEO Pack plugin.

Installing and Activating All In One SEO Pack

Installing All In One SEO Pack plugin is not as hectic as many would think. You first of all download the plugin then upload to your wp-content/plugins under your WordPress installation. After that, click ‘activate’ in the Plugins section. After a successful activation of the plugin, an All In One SEO Pack will be added as a menu item in your WordPress admin sidebar. To find the list of all the SEO tweaking options as provided by this plugin, go to the ‘All In One SEO Pack Options’ section.

Configuring All In One SEO Pack

How to setup All in One SEO PackNow, even after installing and activating this plugin, there won’t be any impact in your blog’s SEO. It is why you need to go to the ‘AIO SEO Pack Options’ section to set values of each of the options provided.

To set up these, go to ‘All In One SEO Pack Options’, then click ‘general settings’. When you get there, the topmost option is to ‘Enable or Disable’ the plugin. Since you want to configure it, click ‘Enable’. After enabling, you will go ahead to fill the sections such as home title, home descriptions and home keywords. These are very important sections which you will have to fill since they bear information about your website. Check also your Canonical URL box and ‘enable’. Canonical URLs refer to the permanent links of you individual articles. If you publish full articles on all pages, Google will penalize you for duplicate content. However, specifying a Canonical URL for each post helps you evade the duplicate content penalty by Google.

You will get more SEO options each time you add a post in your blog. That is why filling it continually is very important.