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How to setup WordPress Popular Posts

There are several wonderful and powerful WordPress plugins which add to your website very useful widgets for the purposes of your website’s functionality. Each of them plays a different function in your WordPress site or blog.

WordPress Popular PostsWordPress Popular Posts is one of such powerful and effective plugins I want to look at in this article. Using it in your website is very important and beneficial as well, as it helps your readers or audiences find with more ease more of your best contents. Using this plugin, you can choose from a variety of options and display your most popular posts instead of just displaying the list that contains your most recent posts in the sidebar.

WordPress doesn’t count the number of times a post has been viewed. This definitely was a challenge to a website owner as it makes it so hard to determine the popularity of the posts. This then brought about the idea of creating the WordPress Popular Posts plugin, so as to know the number of people who have viewed each post. It is very much important to note that this plugin does not only provide the option of displaying your most popular contents depending on the frequency at which it has been viewed, but also enables you to determine the popularity, according to the total number of comments a post has garnered.

Installing and Activating a WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular PostsInstalling this plugin in your website is one of the easiest and fastest things to do. It is free to use, hence, you can install it directly from the WordPress plugin directory.

How do you go about it then?

To get started, you will download the plugin and extract it contents. You then upload the wordpress-popular-posts to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

After you have done this, you activate, through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress, the WordPress Popular Posts plugin.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can access it from the ‘Widgets’ page which under ‘Appearance’ menu item.

You can also add this plugin to one of your themes.

Customizing a WordPress Popular Posts

After installing and activating WordPress Popular Posts plugin in your website, you can go ahead and begin customizing its functionality.

You can choose through the Widgets options, the number of posts to display and how to determine and sort their popularity. You also can choose the time range by which you can filter the posts. Now, if you thought you will only do these using WordPress Popular Posts then you are mistaken. A lot still, such as deciding the post types to display in the widgets, are some other benefits of having this plugin in your website.

The process of installing, activating and configuring this plugin is just as easy as that. After the installation, you find an easy way of displaying your most popular content in the sidebar of your website. Your new visitors will not have to struggle looking for the best content as this plugin will help them find the contents the moment they arrive at your site.