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How to Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular blogging and content management system which you can use to do anything you want. Apparently, millions of websites all over the internet are powered by the WordPress software.

How to Secure Your WordPress WebsiteOnce you install your website, changing your default configuration is very much important. This is because if you do not change, the hackers, who are fond of brute forcing things here and there will quickly know how and where to log in to get to your admin area.

When you have a WordPress website, you therefore will have to put in more effort to ensure that both you and your visitors’ data are protected. There are some good practices which you can put into use to secure your WordPress website. These practices do not guarantee total protection against the hackers’ attempts to hack. They however prevent your website from the majority of the attacks.

How to secure your WordPress website

Avoid simple passwords

People who tend to be oblivious with very small yet important issues are the ones who suffer the most from the website hackers. Hundreds and thousands of people normally use common and very easy to guess phrases as their passwords. Most people, for instance, use their names, website names and other common features in them. Such passwords are always very easy to guess and hence, rank top of the list of the easily attacked group. To be on the safe side, you can use a whole sentence which you can easily remember and also makes sense to you. Such ones are always recommended as hackers cannot easily guess them, as opposed to the single phrase passwords.

Do not use ‘admin’ as your username

Most hackers will try by all means to get your passwords by employing the trial and error strategy to your admin username. In most cases, they normally assume that your admin username is the ‘admin’ itself. Naming your admin username differently will be the absolute remedy to this challenge. If you are installing a new WordPress website, during the WordPress installation process, you will be asked to provide a username. However, if you already have a WordPress website, then you need not to worry because you still can change the password.

Update the WordPress site and the plugins

It is both important and advisable to keep the key WordPress files and your plugins updated to the latest versions. You may decide the frequency at which you updates, but can do as soon as after every week. There are many WordPress plugins which can help you with ensuring that your files and plugins are updated. Try one today.

Your WordPress Admin area has to be protected

How to Secure Your WordPress WebsiteTo protect your WordPress Admin area, make sure that you restrict its access only to people who really need to access it. The best as well as the easiest way to do this is to block all the entries except you own IP address.

Make sure your computer is virus free

Regardless of all the measures you have taken to guard your computer from the hacker’s attack, if your computer is infected with any virus, a potential hacker can access your login details and log in successfully to your website.

Now, as you can see, guarding and protecting your WordPress website from the hackers’ attackers is very important as it saves you a lot of things.