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How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress

With the many websites over the internet, it takes a determined website owner to succeed. Success doesn’t just come the easy way, it has to be worked for. The moment you decide to have a website, one sure thing is that you will always have visitors visiting your website every now and then. These visitors can only be retained and maintained by the kind of contents, posts and comments they find in your website. If they find interesting and informative information, be sure to see them every other time. However, if they find out that your posts, comments and contents are outdated, meaningless and just plain, you will never see them on your website again!

Now, there is nothing as vital and very fundamental as knowing how your visitors or audience interact with your website. This is very crucial for your success, hence, important that every website owner takes keen interest in it. The best and only way to know your audience is via the traffic statistics (also known as traffic stats), which shows how frequently your audience interacts with your website.

How then are you able to know your audience?

google analyticsGoogle Analytics is a tool which provides for you ways in which you can know your audience as they come in and interact with your website. It is such an important tool which does not only allow you to measure your conversions and sales, but also lets you know how the visitors as they first arrived on your site, how they use your site and how you, as a website owner can keep them coming back to your site. It also informs you where the visitors have come from, for example, if from the Search engines, Referral links from other sites or if from the Direct links.

Today, Google Analytics has become the industry for analyzing website traffic, hence very important for your website as it helps you keep track of some other essential statistics.

So, how then do you add Google Analytics in WordPress?

There are a number of ways in which you can add Google Analytics in your WordPress website. You can do it either manually or use a plugin, which of course will operate it very fast.

Google Analytics by Yoast plugin is the only plugin you can trust to make the entire process of adding Google Analytics in WordPress not only easier but also faster for you. To avoid the issues of irrelevance, this plugin ensures that you are using the latest tracking code. Adding the plugin to your WordPress website is very easy, as it takes just installing and activating it into your site.

How then do you Install and Activate Google Analytics by Yoast Plugin in your WordPress website?

First of all, you will log into your WordPress website. Once you are in, go to ‘Dashboard’. In the Dashboard, check your left-hand side, where there is the menu. Go to the menu and click on ‘Plugins’.

When you click on the ‘Plugins’, you will be shown all the plugins which you have so far installed in your website. Click ‘Add new’ on the ‘Plugins’, and then type ‘yoast google analytics’ in the search bar, which you then follow with an ‘Enter’ click.

You will be shown a page with a list of the search results, amongst them being the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin. Click ‘Install now’ to start installing it. For the popup that will appear on the screen thereafter, click the ‘Ok’.

After the installation, an option of ‘Activate Plugin’ will appear. Click it to activate it then begin using the plugin as you wish.

How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress

How to configure the Plugin

You can decide to configure this plugin, so as to suit your settings. To do so, you will go to the settings and add whatever thing you’d want to include in it.

Having installed, activated and configured the plugin in your WordPress website, you can now go ahead and add the Google Analytic tool for effective functionality in your site.