30 Amazing Eye Logos for Inspiration

Logo is the most important part of any company brand. It is the only tool that creates the lasting impression. An attention grabbing logo has the ability to easily be remembered without words or even letters, not to mention even the company’s name. It is the perfect representation of the beliefs and personality of any given organization or company.

Now, logos, as we all know, come in different forms and pictures. In this article, I want to look at the eye as one of the designs of logo. It may look simple, but can never be easily forgotten by the audience. Normally, the eye logo is used in the businesses in the eye care industries, photography as well as security businesses.

Have a look at the following 30 amazing eye logos for inspiration which will definitely excite you.

Eye Arena

Eye ArenaEye Arena is a logo design which is best for optician.







BirdwatchingBirdwatching is also a logo design




Crime Line Logo

CrimeLineCrime Line Logo is a logo design which is ideal for any police department, neighborhood watch or can be customized for a security company.




AnimaniaThis is a logo designed for an anime community with an “A” stands for big anime eye.





AliencreamAliencream is a logo design of an alien eye at the top of an ice cream cone.





LogoLooking for an iPhone App that keeps track of all your friend’s activities? Go for the Logo.




Sound and Vision

SoundWhen thinking of events to do with entertainment, think of Sound and Vision logo as it works well in that area.




FishEyeThis is a logo design which is suitable for a photography business.





Eye Care Logo

eyecareEye Care Logo is a logo design concept which can be used for optometry practice.




Green Eye

GreeneyesThis logo is design in a manner that the concept is just green eyes.




Eye of Dragon

DragonEye of Dragon is a logo design with a picture of two dragons around a circle which forms an eye.




One Eye

OneeyeThis is a branding logo design of a company which is engaged in working out of games.



Cat Eyes

CateyesCat Eyes is a logo design which can be used for a variety of businesses.





EagleyeEagleye logo design is great for a security agency.






limeyeLimeye is a logo design which is good for any type of business. The businesses are such as art & photography, design & creative services, computer & networking, entertainment & media, etc.





DavinciThis is a logo designed for a design studio that produces collateral using a very vivid color palette.





EyelienEyelien is a logo design which is perfect for a media or games company.





My Water

MyWaterThis is a logo designed for a proposed prepaid-water-technology company.






MonsterMonster is a funky and fresh logo designed for a dj.





Pak Photography

PakPhotographyThis is a logo design of inverted hands focusing camera lens which creates a negative shape forming an eye.




Hungry Eye

HungryEyeHungry Eye is a logo design created for a paparazzi service.





InsomniaThis is a logo designed for Insomnia.





eyecareEyecare is a logo for community & foundations suitable for medical care, or iCare.




Creative Eye

CreativeeyeCreated by Brian Doherty, Creative Eye is a creatively designed eye logo.  





Gurwin Photography

GurwinPhotographyThis is a logo design of a leopard eye which was created for a photography business.




Picasso Apparel

PicassoApparelPicasso Apparel is a logo mark designed for a high end customized accessories and clothing.




Red Circle Media

RedRed Circle Media is a logo design created for a media buying company.





MerjtenniThis is a logo designed for a global civil society organization leading the fight against corruption.




EYEOEyeo is an eye logo design which is suitable to any industry or business.

Pretty Girls & Robots Secret Society

Pretty Girls & Robots Secret Society is a logo for a ‘secret’ mailing list business.