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How to Convert WordPress Site into Mobile Site

Having a mobile site for your WordPress website is very much important as it helps you cover a wide reach. This is regardless of whether you are a novice or an advanced WordPress user. It is something that is embraced by several companies as well as organizations. Mobile site development unfortunately, is a field that costs thousands of money even for the simplest projects. Due to the extensibility of WordPress however, there are several mobile development companies which, by use of an API provided by a standard plugin, can create an app from your WordPress site.

How to Convert WordPress Site into Mobile SiteI have researched on some of the ways though which you can convert WordPress site into Mobile site.



Did you know that you can build IOS/Android Apps using WordPress? It is very simple. If you are thinking of a smooth way to create an app without any difficulty whatsoever, then you need to think of AppPresser. This is one of the fastest solutions in today’s market which enables you to get your website running in IOS, Android, and even HTML5 by the means of Phonegap all in less than 30 minutes. AppPresser is not only the fastest but also the most trusted as it provides the most affordable way to create a mobile app for any WordPress website.  As opposed to several other platforms which limit you to just creating a front-end for your mobile site, AppPresser does more than just that. It lets you access WordPress plugins and management panel just from within your application.

The advantage of using AppPresser is that it lets you host your application yourself. The benefit of hosting your application yourself, rather than someone else hosting it for you is that you are able to maintain the ownership of the code.



Wiziapp is a service that offers both free and paid plans. You can use the Wiziapp service to discover new and lots of things in your website. Using this service is something that you will definitely fall in love with. It is as simple as just adding a plugin to WordPress, then using the prompts provided to configure both the feel and the look of your mobile application. You also can embed some of the things such as the ad banners and enable push notifications as a way of enhancing your application.



MobiLoud is also another fast solution which enables you to create IOS and Android application so easily in totality with native codes built to standard. Just like any other solution, you can customize your app within WordPress website using this method.

MobiLoud has key features such as WordPress, Facebook, support for WordPress user accounts, category preferences for push notifications, offline access to your content and Disqus comments. Via MobiLoud, you also are able to integrate custom JavaScript and HTML5 in your posts. This is helpful more so if you are inserting video and some other multimedia contents into your posts.
With the above methods, you can now be sure of a safely converted WordPress website to Mobile site.