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How to Secure WordPress Site with Firewall, Anti-Virus Scanning & Malicious URL

If you have a website powered by WordPress, the number one thing that ought to be your primary concern is its security. In many cases, hackers have easily found a way of hacking websites because of how ‘naked’ they are left in matters of security. It is important hence, that extra security be added to ensure the website’s safety. This calls for staying more vigilant about the WordPress security. It is an ongoing responsibility which ought to be taken up by every website owner.

There are ways in which you can secure your WordPress site. The first thing that we all ought to ensure is that the site is thoroughly cleaned. Also, choosing a right web host is another way of ensuring the security of your WordPress site. There also are some security plugins, which are specially designed to ensure the security of your site. Such plugins work really well to block the attempted attacks that hit your site hundreds of times in a single day.

All In One WP Security and FirewallOne of such security plugins is the All In One WP Security and Firewall. This is a user-friendly as well as a comprehensive security plugin which will take your WordPress site security to a higher level altogether. It is 100% free, easy to use as well as understand and above all, speeds up your site. It increases the security of your site by checking for the exposed areas as well as by updating the latest recommended WordPress security techniques and practices equally.

Another security measure you can put in place is to apply the WordPress Anti-virus site protection. With this plugin, you can protect your website from any problem before any challenge arises. It is important therefore to keep monitoring your website and lessen the incidents with the automated scans.

How does the Anti-virus scanning help to secure your website?

The WordPress Anti-virus protection plugin will read and analyze all the files in your website during the scanning process. Of all the files read and analyzed, there are some that shall be found with suspicious codes while there are those which shall be found free of the codes. Information about those with suspicious codes will be sent to the SiteGuarding server for extra analysis and also for report generation. The generated report will then be sent back to you via your email.

This plugin is a great and powerful solution for all website owners as it intensely and intelligently scans every file on your website and also updates the virus database on a daily basis with the major aim of keeping your website totally secure.

How to protect your WordPress site from Malicious URL

Malicious URLs are the URLs created with the intention to harm your website. Website hackers brute force websites here and there creating such URLs leaving your websites vulnerable to attacks. You however can overcome this first of all by doing a thorough and a regular scan to your computer. Scanning is important as it ensures there are no infections or reinfections as a result of the malicious URLs in your computer.

Having known these, it is evident that as a website owner, you should take up with seriousness the security of your website. In so doing, you will go a long way towards protecting and securing your website.