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How to setup CloudFlare

Nobody ever wants to visit a page that takes centuries to load or to open a file. The speed of a site significantly determines whether it shall rank high or low in the search engines. As a matter of fact, to know whether a site is user-friendly or not, check how it loads. A fast loading site is very much user-friendly, while a slow loading one is a bad user experience. If you have a site that loads faster, that’s good for you. However, if your site is the type that takes a long time to load a page, do not worry as there are a number of ways you can increase its speed, and will in the end increase its ranking in the search engines.

Now, there are a number of ways you can apply to increase your site’s speed. These are surefire ways you can trust for the increased speed of your site. Some of these include the MaxCDN and the W3 Total Cache and the famous CloudFlare among many others. Some of these services are always expensive, while others can be easily afforded. Today, I want to discuss one of the plugins known so much for its functionality. This is none other than CloudFlare.

CloudFlare is a plugin that protects your websites from online hackers and spammers and above all, makes the sites load very fast. It improves the web performance a great deal. It is by preventing your site from the attackers, malicious bots and suspicious crawlers that they optimize the page of your site.

How then do you set up CloudFlare?

Seeing how important this plugin is to your site, it therefore is necessary that every website owner has it. Setting it is very simple. Read carefully the instructions below and see how to go about this.

Setting CloudFlare

cloudflareIn order to set this plugin, you first of all will need to sign up for an account. This you will do in the CloudFlare website, where you will click on the Signup link. While there, there is information you’ll be needed to provide, after which you’ll click the ‘Create account now’.

After clicking it, the next step will require you to enter your website’s url. After inserting your website’s url, CloudFlare will start scanning your website, a process which will take like 60 seconds. You will be shown an informational video during this time about how the whole scanning process is. The video will also show you how you will continue with the setup once the scanning is finished.

When the scan gets done, you will click the ‘continue’ button to proceed with the setup.

Immediately after the scan, CloudFlare will bring to display all the lists of the DNS records their systems found existing. You can then choose to keep some subdomains on or off the CloudFlare network.

The CloudFlare program is so important that after you have set it up, you will also need to install its WordPress plugin which will help to make sure that only the correct IP address appears on the comments posted on your website. Apart from that, this plugin also enhances the security of your website from spammers, as they get reported to the CloudFlare.