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How To optimize WordPress

WordPress was initially started by the developers as blogging software. A blog is a term used for an online journal, diary or serial, published by a person or a group of people. Blogs to start with were generally personal in nature, reflecting the opinions and interests of the creator and owner. However, recently blogs have developed into an important tool in the world of business, politics, and entertainment. Everybody gets to voice their opinions and you do not really need someone else to do the job for you.


Posts are the main element or content of a blog. Posts can be of any form such as writings, compositions and discussions and blogs also provide the readers with the option of learning more about the blog’s owner and guest authors and to interact with them. Posts, in most cases, are the lifeline of a blog. It痴 only what gets written in the blog that helps the blog to exist. With no content, there is no blog! To facilitate the post writing process, WordPress provides an authoring tool with flexible modules that can be used as per the user痴 preference. It contains all features to help the author and the simple drag and drop facility makes changing things extremely convenient. The dashboard quick press module is also one of the features it provides, it makes it easy to quickly write and publish a post.


WordPress is one of the finest personal publishing platforms with a spotlight on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is free to use and priceless in terms of its usage. WordPress offers easy to use back end functions for writing content and making other changes to your site. It has numerous themes and plugins which are again mostly free. With WordPress it is also very easy to build your own theme or customize an existing one. Another beauty of WordPress is that it uses standard/free web server technologies like PHP & MySQL. A blog is also integrated with pictures, images, sounds, and movies. This variety in media offered boosts and enriches the blog’s content. WordPress offers a straightforward and easy method of inserting media directly into posts along with a scheme to upload media that can be later attached to posts.


An important part of the posting process is assigning posts to categories. Each post in WordPress is filed under one or more categories. In addition to categories, keywords called tags can be assigned to each post. Tags also act as navigation tools. Post categories and tags are called post meta data. Post meta data refers to information associated with each post and includes author’s name, date and post categories. Besides post meta data, Meta is the HTML tag used to describe and define a web page to the World Wide Web. After a post is made, a reader can respond, via comments, to that post, and in turn, authors may reply. Comments enable the communication process and facilitate learning as well.


Flexibility and versatility are the most important features of WordPress and that is exactly why it is the most preferred blogging media today.

Blogger or WordPress? – The Tussle Continues

There is a hot war on in the blogosphere. A war between the two most popular blogging platforms for bloggers, WordPress and Blogger. This war is about control; the control of the blogosphere. Most of the world is either on WordPress or on Blogger and the rest of us are yet to figure out which is better – Blogger or WordPress? It isn’t an easy question.


For starters, both WordPress and Blogger provide free blogging web space to bloggers. They are community driven, allow users to input text and have many other privacy features.


Blogger which is the first blog service associated with Google, yes, the one and only Google, gives you provision for HTML editing. It offers an assistive feature, where you have a unique email address for each post, and then, to upload your post you only need to email. The editing pages in Blogger are something that you can really enjoy. But in Blogger you need to categorize your work deeply and to highlight a key post you need to extend the links on the side i.e. make special links for the desired posts to be highlighted. Enough reasons to love the Blogger but just till you get a taste of the new blogging platform on the block, WordPress.


WordPress is a quality, open-source software that offers you many advanced features. It provides various categories and lets you import blogs with no extra efforts. With this feature you do not have to back up your blogs to save them from any sudden damage or deletion. But you do miss the editing pages of Blogger in WordPress.


While WordPress gives you an automated updates feature, Google automatically updates and bug fixes your blogging platform. Another great feature of WordPress is the Stats Tracker which allows you to see your most popular posts by views, comments etc. and can be used on hosted as well as non-hosted WordPress domain blogs.


To add to your ease the WordPress dashboard is made more user-friendly and more feature-rich than the Blogger痴 dashboard, is simpler and allows easy writing. Its user-friendly template changes are non-destructive which means that on changing a template, previous link customization is automatically preserved. In Blogger, when you change a template you lose all your previous changes. That痴 not always good. WordPress gives you the ability to make static pages that are helpful quick-access pages; that痴 a great advantage.


WordPress does not allow advertisement for free and you need to pay for the VIP option. But looking at the other side you find that free blog hosts are less professional from a marketing viewpoint and you may not be able to employ all available monetization and advertising options when you opt for a free blog host.


Eventually, it is a choice you need to make. Each of these blogging platforms are equally popular and more than anything else you should be concerned about what your blog looks like, if it is able to accommodate all that you want and it helps you make a place for yourself in virtual space.


Choosing A WordPress Theme

When you decide to start a website or a blog using WordPress, you should choose the WordPress theme which reflects your persona and your business perspective. Only then will your blog give a true representation of what you want it to show.


To start with you will have to research the different kinds of WordPress themes that exist on the internet. Several of them are free and only require a simple download or upload of your blog’s content. Even though many of these WordPress themes do not require any money, it does become overwhelming to decide which one to use among all of the thousands that are available. Some people blindly go with a WordPress template that catches their fancy. But it may not be the right way to select a theme. First note down all your requirements clearly and then start searching for the theme which best meets those conditions.


You want your blog to be unique and different from all the other blogs on the internet so that it will attract more users. If thousands of other blogs have used the same theme to design their pages, then you will want to avoid such themes in order to stay special and distinct in comparison with other blogs. Also, the WordPress theme which you choose should comply with your motive of creating your blog. Is it a professional blog or a personal one, does it deal with technology or with the arts and so on. Be clear what your blog/website stands for. Was your blog started informally for entertainment or is it a formal one? If formal, what sort of clients are you looking for? Once you have an idea about how you want to present your blog it becomes easier to visualize what kind of templates will best reflect your idea.


Next you need to match the theme of your blog with the content that you have already designed. And if you have a logo for your site, be sure to carefully match it with the artistic elements of a similar theme. Always remember, choosing the right theme is also a deciding factor for the number of visitors to your site and hence your earnings through the blog. The theme should be attractive enough to catch the attention of people. As they come across your blog’s theme, they should get interested enough to stay on and examine all of the content that is published on it.


Now also keep compatibility in mind. The WordPress template that you choose might look great on your browser, but what works in Firefox might not work in IE. What works in IE7 might not work on Opera. So if possible, check out what the developer has to say about browser compatibility. Also some templates are really old, so you need to make sure that it is widget and plugin friendly and that it supports tags. Keeping track of all these different aspects while selecting a WordPress theme will definitely help you create an attractive blog which may well put you on the road to success.


Employment Of WordPress To Promote Your Business

Anyone who needs to promote a business online must think about using WordPress. It is a known fact that WordPress is the most popular blogging platforms available today. However, many do not yet know that it can do so much more than just to let you post a few entries on your blog. It is an extremely versatile and flexible platform that offers a whole range of services for people with diverse needs. WordPress can be conveniently and easily used to create a website for personal or business purposes. The content management system offers multiple benefits especially to those who would like to use it to establish and promote a business. Start-ups and small businesses especially stand to gain a lot as they do not have to invest anything to establish a website of their own.


Search for some easy to use tools in your domain control panel, this would be beneficial when it comes to installing WordPress. After that it is just a matter of clicking around to build the website. If these tools are unavailable do the set up manually, this again is not an uphill task if you follow the instructions correctly. In case you are new to the system and you are not confident about setting it up, you can always get some person to install it for you. This is not expensive and not even time consuming for someone who has the requisite knowledge and expertise. All you have to keep in mind is that the website or blog must contain good promotional material about your business.


On the other hand rebuilding an old website which was initially created and designed by some other person can be costly as well as frustrating. You will also have to consider costs to the designer and wait time till you can have the refurbished product ready to be used as per your requirement. Especially for those who are concerned about expenses the open source and easily accessible system like WordPress can be simple to understand and involves no extra expense. The flexibility it offers can allow you to make changes whenever and wherever you want according to requirements of your business. With WordPress there is no need to go hunting for someone to design a website for you as long as you do not have a requirement for customized features. Maintaining the site and updating it can also be done without any professional help.


To employ WordPress for your business always remember that search engines love websites that are frequently updated. Maintaining a clean, easy to navigate, When you create a website using WordPress for your business, you also get a RSS feed as part of the service. Your customers and other visitors could easily subscribe to your RSS feed and will remain aware of any new additions to your website. In this way your site and business will pick up momentum as more and more people are drawn towards it for more recent and additional information.