Get Your WordPress Blog To Make Money For You: Monetisation

Every internet marketing expert agrees that today, blogs are one of the most popular methods of driving traffic and monetisation.


However not everyone is able to set up a money spinning blog from the word ‘go’. Before you even contemplate setting up your personal WordPress blog, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First of all, ask yourself if the niche you will be focusing on in your blog is profitable enough. Unless you like writing and you want to spend your time on that, there is no point in setting up a WordPress blog that won’t prove to be lucrative enough.


You definitely want to start writing about something that is both profitable and interesting for you and for your readers. You cannot make yourself write and produce quality material unless you are intrigued by the topic. Keep in mind that your blog is a very useful and powerful tool, especially when utilized properly. The best idea is to consider how you are going to handle the whole package, meaning the niche and the blog. You need to create one blog and make the most out of it, because this will bring you some money and will also give you the necessary experience. This will prove useful for your blogging career in general.


Choose the topic that interests you the most, concerning a sport, a hobby, an interest, or even yourself and dive into the WordPress world. There are many ways to generate more traffic to your blog, but before doing so you need to make sure that your content is gripping and intriguing enough, otherwise you won’t be able to attract many people. Traffic is one part of the money making process, but you need to make sure that there are a few more elements as well.


The best method you can use is to add the Google AdSense application to your blog. It is one of the most common money making methods available today. How does it work? Google serves ads that are relevant to the blog. Once someone clicks on them you will earn a percentage of the Google earnings. In any case once you integrate AdSense into your blog, you will start earning money as a passive income. If you are running an e-commerce website, you can drive visitors to your business through your blog and convert more visitor’s to customers.


More business means more money. Furthermore, you can directly sell advertising to merchants and vendors. This means that if you blog about traveling and tourism, you can contact vendors related to tourism and invite them to post ads, or small banners to your blog. When negotiating with merchants you can decide either on a monthly rate or on a pay per click advertising method. Make sure though that the blog doesn’t become visually painful and hard to read because of too many ads flashing all over. There are many nice and easy to navigate through templates available. So try to use the one that is the most user friendly. Always remember that you need to blog regularly, keep your content unique and interesting and your WordPress blog clean of clutter.


How To Personalize Your WordPress Themes


It’s the best thing since sliced bread!! WordPress appeared when blogging began replacing conversation. And active bloggers wanted more and more, all the better to express themselves. Typical features maybe, like a bouncing smiley or a worried –looking clock face were needed by those wanting to press home a point, but did not have the time or skill to write the source code for such eye-catching electronic gimmickry.


Thus was born the hugely popular idea of templates and themes, widgets and plugins and personalizing of WordPress themes has never looked back since. For starters, the 39-page theme directory spoils you for choice. There are bold-as-brass themes, cutesy-pie themes, the serious and the fun themes. At least one is bound to be ‘your kind of theme’, all with some in-built options for color and font, or the presence or absence of tools on the toolbar. However, one could not change the number of columns, or the width or the functions of the sidebar.


Thus came the newer themes which are widget-friendly and SEO compatible. The plug-in architecture of the templates allows wide scope for personalization. Simply download the free widgets of your choice and start displaying the subsequent modifications. Widgets could be on-screen tools that provide streaming information or improve navigability. Any website can use widgets created by someone else. An auction site might use a ticker or you may use a pop-up on your blog. You get to personalize the WordPress theme, with the aid of plugins and widgets, without having to rewrite HTMLs and PHPs, until your blog screen is completely you. When tired of a particular widget, simply move on to a new one.


Business blogs can exploit widgets to broadcast a change in image or announce a new product. Geeks, however, may redo the source code using HTML or PHP and totally make it their own, thanks to the multiple author capability of WordPress. For instance, take the all-important side bar. Ideally it should be dynamic. But if your chosen theme does not support a dynamic side bar, and you happen to know something of PHP, then a two-line addition to the source code is all it takes to make the static dynamic and voila! your side bar is widget-friendly.


The WordPress user interaction page takes you through a couple of easy examples of side bar activation. If you want your old look again, simply de-activate the side bar. What this means is that you retain the theme that reflects your business but tweak it for superior expression and ease of use. Of course, some themes look stubbornly unhelpful after ‘widgetization’, in which case the author of the theme has to rewrite the code for a sleeker look. A further advantage with these plugins is that the content is automatically updated from the original site, your WordPress software helps manage the plugin, of course. Bloggers looking for personalized WordPress themes never had it so easy. You get to pick and choose and give your blog the personality you desire.


Making Money With Your WordPress Blog

A WordPress blog is considered to be a must have nowadays. According to statistics it is one of the top blog platforms, used by bloggers all over the world, who blog either for fun or business purposes. Especially if you are a businessman that wants to advertise his products and services by blogging and make money doing so, then this is the ideal platform for you. If you are an avid blogger you already know the benefits associated with WordPress, but if you are taking your first steps into blogging, here are some important tips for you.


First you need to set up the blog. It is recommended to use the software made available through WordPress.org because you will have access to numerous plugins and features that will allow you to optimize your blog. Both search engines and visitors appreciate a well appointed blog and in any case, you cannot expect to make money blogging without traffic and good rankings. Once you install the software and set up the account, you can start posting. The blog content should be rich and informative. Since you are blogging for money, you need to make sure that your blog is interesting and the content is gripping.


Competition online today is so fierce, that visitors won稚 keep coming, unless there is something attractive for them there. Having an interesting and keyword rich content is the first step. It can bring good rankings and traffic, which should feature on top of your list in your money making attempts. Just generating traffic though means nothing unless you have the right tools to work with. You need to use some applications and features that are able to bring you money.


The most known and popular is AdSense, Google advertising application. Once you sign up with AdSense, the program will pull some ads to your blog, related to the niche. When a visitor clicks on the ad and is directed to another website then you will get a share of the revenues from Google. Amazon Associates is also a very interesting option. Amazon.com is one of the most popular online stores and it has an affiliate program where you can advertise products sold by Amazon on your blog. Once a visitor clicks on the product and actually buys it, you get a commission from Amazon. There are actually many affiliate marketing options like this that you can use; Clickbank and Commission Junction are quite popular among blog users.


You can make money through sales commissions. In this case there is no pay per click commission, but if someone decides to buy an item, you will get 50%-60% of what the particular product sells for. WordPress does not impose any kind of limitations, which means that you can easily have both AdSense and Clickbank working for you. Incorporating several options at the same time, will increase your prospects and potential for profit. Whatever you choose to do though, remember that if you really want to make money from your WordPress blog, you need to generate traffic. Think of it as an equation; traffic plus clicks equal money. Make sure that visitors have a reason to come to your blog and then implement some of those money making options and your blog will be lucrative within a short period of time.



Making The Best Use Of Google AdSense On Your WordPress Blog


Do you visualize dollar signs every time you sign in on your blog? A few years back it would have been difficult to believe that something as simple as an online diary could earn money for you. But now everyone who owns a web log seems to be doing it. And how do they do it?


Blogging for the sake of interest is great but blogging to make money online from your efforts will require some tools, knowledge and understanding that the average web surfer may not possess. One of the easiest and most popular ways to make money from your blog is by using Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a very powerful tool that can help you make a healthy income from home. All that the bloggers have to do is to display AdSense ads on their blogs and make money by doing so. Making money with Google AdSense is as simple as that and does not take much work to get started.


With Google AdSense you have a choice of different sizes and types of ads, as well as where to place them on your WordPress blog. So when do you make money? Whenever an AdSense ad is clicked you get the green back. You can check your AdSense account daily to see how much you earned in clicks that day. The amount per ad click may change daily as per the variation in the clicking from day to day and from ad to ad. Original quality content which your visitors and Google will like is crucial to having a successful and profitable blog but often a little tuning can easily raise income by a factor of four or more!


Most blogs will have content on a particular theme and related topics. Visitors to the blog will be like minded people or those who want information on the same topic. With this in mind AdSense will place ads targeted at those interests in the blog. And if you want your visitors to click on those advertisements or even view them you need to place them at prime blog locations. You must configure the ads to look good aesthetically too on your blog, so you need to keep in mind the same background color, text color, link colors, theme of your WordPress blog etc. It makes the page look interesting.


Another way to benefit from AdSense is to write articles incorporating the main keywords relating to your blog and to throw in a few secondary keywords as well. You can then diffuse these articles through the article directories and get good links and quality traffic to your blog and to your AdSense ads. You can also provide surfers the Google site search service on your WordPress blog.


Now you need to start marketing/promoting your blog using various methods. Go to a social marker and bookmark your blog to as many bookmarking sites as you can. You can make videos about your topic and post them on YouTube and can participate in forums related to you blog topic. Even if blogging is just a hobby, just by adding Google AdSense you can easily earn some money for yourself as well. So go ahead and try it on your blog.