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Importing Multiple RSS Feeds From Any Site

There is nothing a reader loves more than getting all the juicy details in one convenient location. When it comes to the content on your website, you can add some diversity by including multiple RSS feeds from other sites. For example, if you are a blogger who always has the soup on celebrities, adding content from celeb magazines and other news sites can definitely give your readers that extra boost. The most important aspect of using RSS feeds is you can include multiple to give your website an even more dynamic atmosphere.

The Default WordPress RSS Feed Widget

WordPress has a default RSS feed widget with offers several functions that you might find useful. This can be used in the widget area of any widgetized theme. It is a simple procedure where you copy and paste the URL and include a title if you include a title which is optional. This is how the options look for the default WordPress RSS widget:

prim-wordpress rss feed widget

This RSS widget provides several basic options, namely the number of feed items as well as which elements to display in the feed. In terms of usability the score is very high however the options are extremely minimal or limited. You would probably have to add less to avoid an overpopulated appearance. Regardless of this, the feed still has an unorganized look. The following displays how the post will appear with only the hyperlinked title and the actual content (title and excerpt):

rss feed widget-sloppy

Sometimes a more intricate route will prove more beneficial. In this case, other widgets are available to assist you with the addition of multiple RSS feeds in WordPress. Here are three user friendly and reliable options which will give your RSS feeds a more contoured appearance:


powr rss feed-rss feed widget

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WP RSS Aggregator

wp rss aggreg

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RSS Post Importer

rss feed widget-importer rss

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All these widgets are free so you can install the one which suits your needs and explore the various options. They all come with a paid version as well in case you want more functionality. Chances are you wont need the extra features but in case you do, more awesome functionality is comprised in the premium versions.