Do you think you need to post a lot? Give me a break…

Many people say posting regularly to Facebook in particular is actually very important too, seeing as only somewhere between 5-15% of your audience will see your content each time you post. So you need to post a lot. What do you say? Do you agree with it? I don’t, seriously. Well, make it precise, it depends on what kind of audience you are targeting, but normally I say no.


I admit that many successful business people has been following this formula, uploading regular post and trying to get attention from their audience, and I know some has been successful, but I have heard many saying that they don’t get much leads even though they have been posting every single day for previous 6 month. Where is the difference? Can you answer to this question? What would you say to those who fail to attract leads even though they seem to have been doing exactly the same as those who have been generating leads?


I am going to give you a hint to think about the answer. When you post your article and expect people to read it, it means you are asking audience to spend their time, effort, and energy to read your blog post. When they read it once and never come back, can you guess what had happened to their mind of audience? They thought it is not worth of reading it because they feel they don’t want to spend their good energy into bad box. That is how you put off people. It does not necessarily mean that your article is not of great quality to you, but it may be to your audience. This is one of the common reason. People got the strategy wrong. They thought posting the article regularly IS the most important thing, not the quality. This is the thing you really want to avoid.


Also, this is my personal preference, but I don’t want to post article everyday because that is against my policy of my business. My goal and the goal of our community is to support those who are interested very much in stepping up to the next level of their business by discarding old types of marketing and creating something totally new. If regular post will create value to audience and help community energise better, then I would suggest to do so but normally people have lots of things on their plate and when they try to post it regularly, the quality of the contents tend to go down not because they are not good writer but just because everybody is not perfect and have limited energy to spend on. So I am not suggesting making regular post compulsory.

There are so many other things they should focus on first to get their business go better that is the main reason I don’t really care at the start much about if they post the article regularly or not. In addition, I don’t want to get busy by feeling committed to write blog post everyday unless I have to. So, I am not encouraging my clients to do that because posting blog everyday is not where I want my clients to go to. Also, audience does not care if you regularly post it, they just want to read post that is worth of reading it.


Just off the track, but you just need to be careful who you will turn to get guidance for your business. If you turn to someone who are always busy writing regular blog post, then you would be likely to have to follow the same. If you want to follow that kind of lifestyle, then go for it. If not, don’t follow. It is as simple as it is. But I often encounter people who don’t check on this point and just follow the person only to find out that they need to work harder than they thought and gave up because of too much commitment they had to do.


Deals and Offers

Back to the track, while you mustn’t just promote yourself, surveys show that audiences do respond very well to special deals and special offers. The caveat is that the offers should actually be impressive and that they should be exclusive to your audience. This way, you are rewarding them for their loyalty by offering something that no one else is getting.


Be careful here of the pitfall people get in often. Don’t get wrong that the offers should be impressive to YOUR AUDIENCE, not YOU. People often overlook this point and decide to promote the offer THEY think will be attractive but not to AUDIENCE. The outcome will be disaster since they simply don’t want it!!


Anyway, this is also a great way to buy yourself some good will too – so think hard about ways that you can impress your audience with your offers. Don’t just offer money off: how about doing something different such as personalizing your product or service? Or offering some kind of limited edition product?

O2 is a phone company in the UK that partners with other businesses in order to offer its customers all kinds of special deals and offers. Better yet, it combines this with an app that has access to GPS so that a user can be walking down the street when they get offered a free chocolate from the store they’re passing, or a £1 lunch (about $2).

This kind of marketing works well because those customers now have a very real incentive to keep listening to the messages they get from that company and because they’ll feel genuinely rewarded and VIP each time they capitalize on one of those special offers or deals. It can actually make your day to be given a free rose on Valentine’s Day!

Think about how you can spoil your followers rotten!

Links to Other Posts

Running out of posts that you can upload? Then how about uploading posts from other creators? There’s nothing wrong with just sharing posts that other people have written and from other websites – it won’t gain you traffic but it will help you to continue offering that great service to your audience.

Better yet, is that there are tools out there that can help you to find the most trending topics in your niche. A good example is ‘BuzzSumo’ while you can also find trending posts on Facebook by looking at the top right of your newsfeed. As these posts are trending and have lots of shares, you know for a fact that they’re popular and you know for a fact that they thrive well on social media. That in turn means that you can now upload them and expect to get lots of Likes and Shares as well – leading to lots more exposure for your brand.


Videos and Images

Remember earlier how we said that you could use photos from your daily life in order to promote a lifestyle and to create a personal brand that would let people feel as though they know you personally?

This is a great strategy but there are other ways you can do similar things too. For example, why not use SnapChat in order to update your followers with short videos of you talking to the camera and sharing your opinion?

You can do the same thing through Vine and both types of media can easily then be posted to Facebook or Instagram.

Screenshot 2016-04-20 17.13.55

What this does is it allows you to speak directly with your audience but it only takes you a couple of seconds to make something new!


Downloads and Freebies

Don’t just use PDFs and other giveaways as bribes! Why not give something away for real without asking anything in return? Again this builds great good will and it establishes you as a page worth watching.


Legacy Content

You don’t only have to post about your latest new article. If you have an article that was successful a year ago then why not remind people of it by posting it again? There’s no reason it can’t have a second lease of life.



You can also update people about your lifestyle and give them a bit of an insight into who you are just by posting about your day, the challenges you’re facing or perhaps witty asides that you’ve thought of. Again, this is showing the real you and your human side and is helping people to feel as though they know you. While this all works though, make sure that you are still remaining on topic (largely) and that you’re reinforcing the lifestyle that you’re trying to promote.

In other words, if your website is all about natural living, don’t post about how you just enjoyed eating a massive McDonald’s and likewise don’t post about the latest Avenger’s movie. Stay on topic and avoid verbal diarrhoea!


Engaging With Your Audience

Another important aspect of posting to social media is to make sure that you’re engaging with your audience and actually talking to them.

The mistake is to think of social media as a podium for you to shout from. This isn’t something you should be using for one-way communication but rather should be thought of as a tool for facilitating conversation. After all, social media is a communication tool first and foremost and should be used as such.

So there’s nothing wrong with asking your audience what they think about a topic. Post an interesting article and then ask for feedback. Or poll your audience on a controversial or divisive question.

You can also use social media in order to run contests and promotions. For instance, create a contest where you award a big discount to one of your followers once you reach ‘1,000 likes’. This can be a great way to get more attention and buzz surrounding your brand and also to get people to do some free promotion for you!

Instagram is a particularly great place for running promotions. For example, you can invite your followers to upload pictures of themselves using your brand or living the lifestyle you promote and then award one of them with a price and some free exposure. In doing this, you will once again expose all of the followers of all of the participants to what you’re all about – while the followers themselves will feel more involved and more excited for your brand than ever before!

You can even use your social media page in order to do market research and to get advice that you’ll use to help steer the direction of your business. Not sure what your next product should be? Then just ask your audience what they want to see! If you create a product that your audience has literally asked you to make, then there’s very little chance of it not selling!

This is called ‘crowdsourcing’ and it’s one of the ‘big ideas’ that businesses are getting excited about right now.