What purpose do we write for?

What is the essence of writing?


I think that you are interested in writing (or writing skill), probably that is the reason you are reading this page, but the first thing you need to think about when studying writing is “For what purpose do we write for”

If you go writing without understanding “Why do you write (essence of writing)” ,it will become painful to write as a result because you would feel always forced to write it.

Let’s take a example, if you run a shop,

· Write sentences on blogs and homepages
· Write a sentence of POP placed inside the store
· Write mail to customers

I think that there are various opportunities for writings.

Please stop here and think about Why you do write for customers?

While there are many shops that do not have blogs and homepages in the world, you are actually using (or trying to) using the writings skills which you can’t say you are good at.

Please think about the reason.


The meaning of the word “Essence”


Perhaps when thinking with the theme “Why am I writing?”, I think that the main reason that comes to your mind first is “I want to increase sales (or want to attract customers)”.

I think that there is nothing wrong with this, but it is somewhat different from “the essence of writing”.

In order to say “essence of writing”, the meaning becomes useless unless it matches everyone who use writing in the world.

For example,

· Mothers write letters to their children
· Write Facebook messages to send to your girlfriend or one sided love
· Write Business email to business partner

Said people above are also taking the action of writing something, right?

These behaviors and the above-

· Write sentences on blogs and homepages
· Write a sentence of POP placed inside the store
· Write email to customers

So the essence has to be applied more universal then the definition of essence can be qualified as “essence” of writing.

Needless to say, the mother tells the child in the letter, “Because we cooked curry rice for dinner, please warm it up and eat it” is not “Because I want to raise sales (or want to attract customers”) right?

Then why do mothers put down letters on children for?  Please think over it again here.


Ultimate reason why people are writing something


If you think over with “Why do people write?”, I think that we will arrive at THE one answer.

Most of the people in the world think that they are not good at writing, but they still write something every day. I think the reason for doing this is because “I expect some action from my writing.”

In the previous example,

· Texts on blogs and homepages
→ I want you to come to a store

· POP inside the store
→ I would like you to purchase products in the store

· Sending mail to customers
→ I want you to come on time, I want you to repeat the service.

· Letter written by mother to a child
→ I want you to follow what I wrote in the letter

· Facebook message to girlfriend or one sided love
→ I’d like a response such as reply or phone call

· Business email to business partners
→ I want you to check if there is any problem and send a reply if so.

From these example above, I think that the answer will be the action you want others to take.

In the case of a store, it is relatively easy to  understand what you should or should not write if you are conscious of what you should do to help customers act.

For example,

· Topic about children and family members
· Topic about eating something
· The story about your consultant or mentor

If you write something like the examples above, you know that customers do not get tempted to come to your store for sure by reading those articles.

Customers are not interested in anything about the unknown person’s private issue. Also they are not interested in information other than what I am suffering from.

If you decided not write these private stories ( and you erase all those who have already being written), the conversion rate will rise significantly to your surprise.


The way people think will not change by explaining hard


When I see the writing in their blog or homepage by people in the store, I feel that there are many people who are trying to explain hard and try to change the way people think.

A therapist who speaks “Oriental medicine … …” or a beautician who starts to talk about the greatness of the latest machines and techniques is a typical example.

I think that they are trying to change the way of thinking on the reader by talking about those said above, but unfortunately few people changes in reality.

You can understand when you think on your own, but the ideas and philosophy that we have cultivated over decades will not change with thousands of letters written by people I met today. At least for me.

Nevertheless, most store managers desperately try to change their prospects, that is why they struggle with  attracting customers.


It is actually not hard to change behaviour


It is difficult to change the way of thinking on the prospects, but changing the behaviour of them is not such a difficult story.

Behaviors are such a thing that emotions work first and action will be rationalised afterwards, so if you know even how to shake emotions, it is not difficult to make prospects act.

There are various ways to move prospect emotions, so I will write about them later, but in this article, please remember those things

· Because we want actions what is why we write
· To make a prospect act, you can touch feelings of them

That is what I want you to understand today because these two points above are the basic way of thinking in attracting customers by the power of writing.