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How to Upload Custom WordPress User Avatar

It is common practice to have a lovely animated image to depict your identity, or even a custom one which accurately represents your appearance. This is basically what a custom avatar will allow you to do. Everyone does this and you can do it too. Why stifle your creativity when you can have some fun with that tiny image that will appear on your profile?

The issue is WordPress only allows you to use custom avatars that are uploaded through the Gravatar site. However, with the WP User Avatar plugin, you can use any photo uploaded into your Media Library as an avatar. This means you get use the same uploader and library as your WordPress posts. The best part is you won’t need any additional folders or image editing functionality and this plugin is free.


Features of the WordPress User Avatar PlugIn

With this awesome plugin, you will get the opportunity to upload your own Default Avatar in your WP User Avatar settings. You can even display a user’s Gravatar avatar or Default Avatar if the user doesn’t have a WP User Avatar image as yet. Even if you wish to disable Gravatar avatars and use only local avatars, this plugin will give you this option.

To the more tech savvy users who are comfortable playing around with shortcodes, the [avatar_upload] shortcode gives you the freedom to include a standalone uploader to a front page or widget. Only logged in users will be able to view the uploader. You can even use the [avatar] shortcode in your posts. Worried about the theme that you’re using? Well, don’t be! The shortcodes will function effectively with any theme, even if it doesn’t have avatar support.

Once your site grows and the popularity of your content goes through the roof you can even allow your subscribers to enjoy the fun too. Both subscribers and contributors can get the chance to add their own avatars so no one will feel left out. You can also restrict the dimensions of the image or the size of the file. For those who aren’t completely satisfied with the basic functions of the free version, the Pro Version of WP User Avatar is also available.

Features of the WP User Avatar Pro Version

Thousands of users submitted feedback and made some awesome requests to improve the plugin. Here are a few of the features which pro users enjoy:

The pro version allows you to keep avatars in Custom Folder instead of the standard Media Manager folder on WordPress. Amazon S3 Storage and Dropbox are also additional folder options with this version. Multi-lingual, Multi-Site, BBPRESS and Buddypress are supported. One of the most intriguing features is the option to use your webcam to capture the avatar instantly. You can even upload the avatar on the registration page, and the easy upload and capture functionality make things even more interesting. In the end, whether you opt for the free version or the pro, you won’t be disappointed. You will be uploading your very own custom avatar in no time.