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Phone calls remains the important tool

As you can see on the graph, those Livechat, messenger and social media communication recently has been emerging. However, a live human conversation, voice channels are still THE most powerful tool to connect to our customers across all ages. Studies keep showing us that people is still attracted very much to phone calls.

Why you need callback?

If you are generating leads to your website, hoping they will contact you through contact form or live chat widget, you might have been losing substantial amount of opportunity for sales because some people are simply not comfortable contacting from their side.

While there is nothing wrong with this attitude, if you are selling product or service that helps visitor to solve their problem, it is reasonable to assume that you want as many customers as possible for them to reach to your solution.

How can you reach to those who are not taking action from their side? Callpage makes it possible. You can even reach those who are passible to reach us for their solution. 

That’s why you need Automatic Callback system.

Benefits of having Callback

1, Lower bounce rate

Imagine if you are visiting Chiropractor practice. When you enter it, but nobody greets you. Would you stay there or would you leave?

Most of the website is like that. They don’t welcome customers, but let them browse around it, hoping they will find solution themselves. This increases the drop out rate from your website because they simple don’t find the website meeting their needs.

With Callpage, you can decrease bounce rate from website by automatic welcome message asking if visitors want callback from us to discuss their needs.

2, Eliminating hold time

Your customers wants to talk to you so they put their details to wait on a queue for their turn, not knowing when you call them.

Callpage calling back function adds a whole new dimension to the way in which calls can be handled. Never again will your customers have to wait in a queue which which cause frustration to drop out.

3, Higher conversion rate

Callers can be pretty frustrated while waiting on a queue for either call or chat. They don’t complain about how frustrated they became by waiting for callback or chat, but they know they don’t want to use it again because of this bad experience. Automatic Callbacks eliminate this scenario to increase conversion.

Be more proactive to your potential customers

The scenario where a visitor have to decide whether to browse around till they find solution or to reach out to us via a voicemail or live chat with no assurance when the message will be returned is not the best support to increase the conversion. In addition, simply having general callback option is not minimising the risk of losing potential customers because there are people who are happy to talk on a phone conversation but are a bit reluctant to call from them.

Call will be returned in 28 seconds

That is where Callpage comes in. Since we promise caller from us to callback in 28 seconds, caller don’t need to be worried about when the call will be returned.

Also, a visitor is more likely to request callback if they only needs to fill in their name, phone number and email address instead of long list of callback form.

In addition, even some who are reluctant to call at the start because they can be bothered to call are more likely to request callback when they are offered callback on website.

Are you sure if 28 seconds callback assurance will make a difference…

We have created A/B test forms on our websites and Landing Page.

Next, we collected the results from the test forms, See the results below.

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How CallPage Works

Step 1

Your potential customer clicks the CallPage button on your website

Step 2

A pop-up prompts your potential customer to write their phone number

Step 3

The Widget connects them straight to your consultant

Step 4

The consultant talks with your potential customer over a mobile phone, landline phone or SIP

Key Features of the System

Immediate conversation

The user visiting your website enters the phone number, and CallPage connects him with an active advisor in your company. The whole process takes just a few seconds.

Conversation on a scheduled time

If the user cannot have a conversation in this particular moment there is a possibility to schedule a phone call. Before the conversation the CallPage system will send an SMS to both advisor and user regarding the phone call

After working hours operation mode

This mode gives users the opportunity to order a call during the working hours of your consultants. The system will connect the user with your employee at the selected time when the advisor is in the office.

Personalization of the design and text

You can freely edit the design of the widget, matching it to the design of your website. The content of Call To Action can also be adapted to your business goals.

Selection of department to contact

User will be able to choose a specific department in your company, so the potential client will be immediately connected with the right person

Possibility to leave a text message

The user can also contact you in the form of a message. The message will appear on the panel and the advisor will receive an SMS to respond as quickly as possible.

Multi-level access to the system

The possibility to set access for the employees in 3 different levels: Admin, Manager and Advisor.

Possibility to purchase your own numbers for helpline and personalization

All connections to these numbers will be recorded on the panel, including those which were not generated by the CallPage widget.

Custom connection algorithms

You can set a custom ringing algorithm, which will suit your needs.

Personalization of the design and text

You can freely edit the design of the widget, matching it to the design of your website. The content of Call To Action can also be adapted to your business goals.

Over 50 integrations with CRM systems

We know how important it is to analyze data, automatise processes or improve communication in a company, which is why CallPage has integration with the most popular CRM systems.

Widget suitable for a mobile

The widget is fully responsive and adapts to
the screen size.
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SMS Features of the system

Alarm SMS for a team leader when the call isn’t answered

Reminder SMS about the scheduled conversation

Thank-you SMS To the client after the conversation

Business card SMS Sent to the client after the conversation

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Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

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Pricing created for teams of all sizes

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Examples of Implementaion

PWC London

One of the biggest consulting companies in Europe. Thanks to CallPages it has full control over its telephone customer service quality.


One of the biggest car dealers in Poland. Thanks to CallPage it generates several hundred more leads per month.


The biggest network of coworking spaces in Poland. Thanks to CallPage it answers all the calls from potential customers.


Insurance comparison website.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is an inbound call?

It’s a call made by your rep when your potential customers use CallPage widget. Consider him a Lead with whom you can have a conversation. We don’t count calls shorter than 10 seconds.

Why do I need more features than in the basic account?

The choice is up to you – that’s why we have prepared different plans! However, some of the features will directly increase the number of incoming calls and that’s why we also increase the number of calls in higher tiers.

What if someone tries to block or spam the widget?

We bet it won’t happen, but we have created a blacklist where you can block anyone, just in case. Blacklist works with IP addresses and phone numbers.

Can I buy CallPage for one year?

Sure! It’s 30% cheaper, so most of our customers choose longer plans. You can also sign up for monthly payments.

What happens with calls ordered outside working hours?

On weekends and outside working hours our system offers a possibility of requesting a call.The customer can choose a suitable date and time.

When the time comes, our system automatically puts your customer through to your consultant. 5 minutes before the call our system sends your customer a reminder about the scheduled call.

What happens when the consultant does not answer the phone in 28 seconds?

If a client requests a call but nobody calls him back, our system displays a message with an apology and offers a possibility of rescheduling the call for a different time.

CallPage will send an SMS with an information about the missed call to a person responsible for handling the calls.The information will include details such as the date of the missed call as well as client’s phone number.

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