globalcube for google ads

Our Google Ads service is for the business who wants to see better performance from their ads campaign than the one they are doing or their current Google ads agency is doing.

"We have noticed a spike in sales which we attribute to the new campaign organised by Globalcube"
Graeme Mckinstry

Improve Lead generation & Lead management

We look after both lead generation and management to maximise your profit. 

We will assess whether we can optimise better your campaign or not before our work starts so you don’t need to worry about wasting time and money for testing.

Dedicated consultation

Before we move on to start working for you, we check the current ads performance, see if there is any area we can improve to get you better results.

We normally spend 1 hour to 2 hour to judge if your business is qualified to work with us.

We will draft new google ads campaign based on the data collected from your previous campaign.

No results, no payment

We only choose to work with customer who we feel strongly confident to bring better result back. 

Our team members are all marketing professionals so that you don’t have to be worried about if you can get feedback on your performance at monthly meeting.

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Real time monitoring

We have dedicated person to monitor your accounts because we believe the results is maximised by fine tuning optimisation from the data we monitor.

Fast result

There is a rapid change in the market so longterm marketing planing started to be obsolete. That is why we focus on delivering fast result because we want to avoid clients having to wait 3 to 6 month to see results.

Performance focused

Our priority is to get you better results than before. We organise new campaign to collect data which we use to craft winning formula for each business to get fast result.

Customised advice

We don't just send out monthly report to clients to do what is working and what isn't. We give them feedback and constructive opinion on what they can do to improve result.

Unique initial consultation

We define our value as brining better results than before. To make sure our value is properly delivered, our initial consultation let us achieve desired result for us, our clients and their customers.

Our commitment to Result

We don't want any clients who gets disappointed by our service. We carefully choose clients at initial consultation if they are qualified to work with us via our audit.

Make a profitable google ads

If you want feedback from ads agency so that you can try and improve your marketing, let us help you out.