Who Do We Work with?

What we do in our managed ads service?

Understanding clients wants

It is so important that we understand your goal in details clearly so that we can make sure we are heading the same direction. So our process starts with getting a clear understanding of client goals and circumstances. Based on your goal, we will assess if your business meets our criteria and we can make a judgement if we are confident in managing your google ads account to achieve desired result. Scroll down to read more information about how we work as our partner.

Ads on live

Once we decided to partner with your business, a comprehensive study of the opportunities would follow. If the client approves, we begin the work, starting with google ads campaign creation. The ads willgo live in 48 hours and will be monitored closely. A two-week traction period is requested.

Monthly Reporting

Tracking the number is critical to test if the result we see every month is following what we expect.  So each month, we send the client a review about their performance along with recommendations as necessary. Sharing those information will help us and you stay on the same line. Regular reviews and web presentation experiments are required on top of improving the ads (tweaking).

What kind of business do we work with?

You are in control of your website

Suggestion we propose to optimise website requires you to make a change in website. Therefore, we need to make sure you are in control of your website so that you can tweak around when required to push more sales.

It is sometimes the case that you have someone outside of your company who takes care of your website and as much as we want to help you out, we need to communicate this person who sometimes does not respond as smooth and efficient as we want that results in consuming more time and making you wait. Ideally we want to avoid those situation.

However, if whoever in charge of your website are very responsive and corporative with us, we will definitely be working together.

Industry focused

We only take client who we believe we can bring result based on the past experience. We have wide range of experience in running Google Ads such as e-Commerce, Coaching seminar, Accomodation, Restaurant, Apparel Brand etc. Please apply free consultation to see if your industry is the one we can help out.

Performance focused

Nobody wants to waste time especially these fast moving marketing industries. With the dynamic change in any industries, there is no question that time is precious for any business. We commit to bring result so we want client who can commit to result too and leading your industry in your respective area.

Website already converting

The Result is Our Focus. That is why first thing we want to make sure is IF you have already website or sales funnel that is currently converting. It doesn’t mean we cannot bring you result if your website is not converting at the moment, yet, it takes more time for us to see result because of more test and tweaking to optimise your website for conversion. Because We want long lasting relationship with clients, we need to be clear on this point.

High quality product or service

The result we want to bring requires you to have high repeat purchase rate. We don’t want to go through the same level of revenue over and over again. We want you to increase revenue as we spend more on marketing. If you don’t have high repeat purchase rate and repeat customer number is not accumulating, I suggest you first reflect on your product or service to see if there is any chance you can improve the repeat rate even just 1%. You can dramatically increase revenue and profit by optimising your repeat customer rate.

Flexible communication

Communication needs to be transparent because it is often the cause to create problem when each party has certain expectation that could not be met or some information not being disclosed. Because we are based in Dunedin, New Zealand, there will be time difference which cause delay in response unless you are in NZ. We want to avoid disappointment so be flexible for the response time.

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