How to setup the Callpage

3 simple steps to successfully setup callpage

1, Sign up at:

You just need to enter your personal details, such as email address and phone number in the registration form.

We will also need your website URL where you will install the CallPage widget in.

Once you have completed the form, you will be automatically logged in to your CallPage User Control Panel.

Confirmation of registration will be emailed to you so that you can continue configuring account information at any time.

2. Paste the widget code on the website.

After registration is approved or you log in to your account, copy the widget code and paste it on your website just before the closing < /body> tag.

If you are using wordpress, download Callpage plugin first and paste the widget code on the appropriate blank box.

3. Adjust widget settings.

Now you can configure account settings according to your needs and preferences. In the panel, select a widget’s appearance and working hours. Also set the consultants who will answer your calls by the CallPage widget. In the advanced settings, configure the widget action. You may also create a “black list” by blocking numbers or IP addresses. You can also exclude subpages where the widget should not be displayed.

For your account, you can check the number of page visits, widget display, and phone calls. In the panel, you will also find the history of all phone calls and recordings of conversations. In the payment section, you can purchase the professional plan, which offers new levels of widget personalization.

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