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“Worked with GlobalCube and they are extremely serious. Awesome job Yuzuru!”

Ionut Neagu
CEO at Themeisle

Yuzuru ishikawa


Marketing consultant, started his own business from affiliate marketing as side business 2010 on top of his study in accounting. Yet, he decided his efforts on his own business so quit his study and started marketing his primary business. He started consulting 2012 and so far more than 50 businesses for the last 6 year.

The business he helped has improved their position in financials. He only helps prospects who he is confident in helping out to make a improvement. This approach makes him partner up with other professional to be officially working together. The more area he can help, the more clients he can take and the more value he can create and deliver.

He has law degree and studied two year in accounting and no marketing degree. He studied marketing himself and established his own asset of his business through trial and error. This helps him shape up his skills and mindset that he now is proud of and this differentiate from him to those who studied marketing in school, learn a lot about theory but lack of real experience.

What he is specialised at

1, Entrepreneur consulting 

2, Lead generation

3, Lead management


Leah Villanueva

Adwords Specialist, Google official partner since 2013.

providing online marketing services for NZ, Au, US-based clients in the following industries: tourism, professional services, non-profits, fashion, technology/software and ecommerce.

She started her career in online marketing in 2003, worked with programmers, content writers and designers from India, China, Philippines, USA, Australia and New Zealand. She believes that a good project manager should be able to elevate the skills of everyone in the team. Transparent and truthful communication is vital.

Leah finished her Masters in Business Administration in 2007 while working for a telecommunications company as a general manager. All her online marketing skills were self-taught with the help of Mr. Google and by asking many questions from the technical people she managed.

What she is good at:
1. Project Management
2. Competitor, Industry Analysis

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