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Keywords: Marketing Company Dunedin

Our company, Globalcube, is ranked No 1.

Marketing Company Dunedin

Keywords: Online Marketing Company Dunedin

Our company, Globalcube, is ranked No 1 too.

online marketing company dunedin


As you can see, we have so many feedback from clients, more than double of other company. There are other clients who have not given me the feedback yet too so the feedback is constantly increasing for my business. The reason I am telling this to you is simply because what I have provided is something my clients wanted. And what I am going to offer to my prospects will be what they will want from me to solve their frustrating, help them overcome their challenges, fulfil their needs.



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The collection of the quality theme. You can find the them you want by sorting out via typing keywords. Also, there are so many theme related keywords ranking top 10 so you might have come across it previously. This website is generating most of the traffic from search Engine with the SEO done by us. Revenue is generating from affiliate network as well as sponsored ads, sponsored post. Traffic is coming from all over the world but mainly US traffic. It is the place for those who wants to create website themselves, saving lots of money. There are so many web templates which is easy to customise so I recommend visiting scratchinginfo first if you want your website. They have variety of platform for website such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc.



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Similar to the taste scratchinginfo has, but it has different keywords ranking in top 10 of Google. With both scratchinginfo and wpulti, you should be able to find website them you want appropriate to your taste. There are different categories such as business, Medical, Dentist, Florist theme, Lawyer, Accountants, SEO company, Finance, Affiliate theme, Sports, Food, Pets, Animals, and multi purpose theme too. This industries have quite strong competitors so we need to work hard on SEO. Revenue is generating from affiliate sales, sponsored ads contract, sponsored post as well as review request.



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With the philosophy “Keep music free!!”, this amazing music download software has been loved by over millions of user worldwide. Particularly in Brazil with the population of around 100 million, the Musicchow has been ranked No 1 for the free download software for previous couple of years. Now the website has been renewed recently and updated it to become even more user friendly software which has been just relaunched. We make sure that our download process complies the legal regulation imposed by government and has been approved by G7. In addition to that, previous version was only in desktop use, but now with the new functionality, it covers IOS user as well as mobile compatible software which is coming out soon. We are thrilled to announce this new launch and I encourage you to download it, test it out and enjoy the music you want to listen, joining our community with the theme “Keep Music Free!!”. P.S the software and website is totally run by us spending thousands of dollars so any amount of donation will be hugely appreciated!


Social Wifi

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Launched in 2015, Not just providing Wifi network, but giving clients the opportunity to grab user’s personal details so that the business can follow up on those user by giving them a coupon, punch card etc, cross-selling, up-selling. Also, it creates another revenue stream for local business by having new advertising space in the Wifi login page. There are lots of business who wants to expose it as many place as possible and this Wifi meets their needs. With this Social Wifi, your ordinary Wifi becomes another money generating tool.


Website Value Calculator

Website Value Calculator

This is one of our website we acquired 2016 with the hope that it will run almost automatically. We are doing ongoing SEO, trying to optimise website in a best possible way that this website will generate leads from niche keywords to get as much traffic as possible. What I liked about this website was the potential of return on investment. As a person who do buy and sell website at marketplace, website value calculator is very helpful in deciding how much to bid as well as how much to ask for. In addition, what is great about this website is to increase the page as user evaluate more domain value without our input. I am especially from affiliate background when I setup the website for affiliate revenue and leave it till the revenue is generated. Although I feel more attracted these days to interact with people in business, I still love the automatic money generating machine too.