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Frequently asked questions

What is an inbound call?

It’s a call made by your rep when your potential customers use CallPage widget. Consider him a Lead with whom you can have a conversation. We don’t count calls shorter than 10 seconds.

What if someone tries to block or spam the widget?

We bet it won’t happen, but we have created a blacklist where you can block anyone, just in case. Blacklist works with IP addresses and phone numbers.

Why do I need more features than in the basic account?

The choice is up to you – that’s why we have prepared different plans! However, some of the features will directly increase the number of incoming calls and that’s why we also increase the number of calls in higher tiers.

Can I buy CallPage for one year?

Sure! It’s  cheaper, so most of our customers choose longer plans. You can also sign up for monthly payments. Please contact us directly.

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