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We offer lead generation service as well as lead management service here to help you achieve better result. Choose the services that’s right for you.

"Yuzuru is a very hands-on manager. He's on top of the issues and focuses on client coordination which is definitely a big plus. I appreciate his straight forward approach. It's a breath of fresh air. Wide range of experience and a very hard working person."
Leah V DeG
Marketing manager

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Adwords Managed Service

Lead generation tool to increase more sales as well as lead management by our team to achieve better results. We only take clients who we are confident to achieve what they want. Free consultation available to see if you are qualified to be our client. With this process, we can make sure that our client spend less budget for higher sales. Also, we can achieve the result faster than before. 

Facebook Managed Service

Lead generation tool to increase more targeted traffic from FB with the help from our team to manage them to achieve better result. Social Media apps dominate mobile devices. It is imperative to have social media channels which are regularly updated to reach more customers. However, they are no use if they don’t convert customers so it’s important to have social media channels especially facebook that does convert. We are here to help you with that.


Lead management tool to improve your sales conversion from your website. By effectively “call to action”, CallPage generates about 75% more phones from the website. The user enters their phone number on the site and get immediate callback from the merger consultant. As a result, the company receives more phone calls from potential clients with whom you can talk immediately about selling products and services.

6 features we are proud of

Fast Result

We have right skills for right people and Our profiling process helps us achieve quick outcome.

We try our best  to avoid facing the negative outcome when we organise new campaign for clients. 

That is why we normally choose clients we think we can quickly bring better ads performance.


Google certified partner

Google certified partner since 2013 and managed more than 100 companies accounts worldwide. Because we only want to bring positive performance to clients, we don’t accept clients who we don’t think have website that is optimised enough to improve sales.

Callpage premium partner

Only company in New Zealand that has premium partnership with Callpage, lead management tool that allows for callback in 28 seconds when customers call.

Dedicated Customer Support

The person you talk to at free consultation knows marketing well. We don’t send people to approach you for just the sake of talking with you.

Result guarantee

We choose to work with only clients who we think we can get result for them. We won’t take your money if we are not able to improve their performance.

Customer Loyalty

We give them feedback our clients want to try and improve their marketing, keeping them informed about what is working and what isn’t.

The right tools for the right solution. Focus on better results than before.

You need a tool and skills to generate leads as well as manage them. We have both.