Website Design

Is that true that you can generate leads from website?

Is that what you are actually thinking about website? Well, I can’t guarantee
that you convert hundreds of thousands of customers per month, but getting 5 to 10 customers per month would be pretty easy enough job to do with website

There is a formula for converting prospects

I would like to talk about the necessity of having website but I first want to talk about the formula for converting prospects.

The volume of customers = Leads X conversion rate

You will need to understand the above formula first because this formula is not only applying to online media but also that of offline too like direct mail, Flyer.

I know people are talking about Facebook ads and twitter ads which, and Instagram etc such as social media and I know from my experience that these marketing funnel can be pretty strong to generate more customers to you only if you know how to use it properly.

And Also, I know lots of people are using free website builder such as WIX.

Why is using WIX not good enough?

Well, that free website builder can work for some business such as those whose brand awareness is pretty strong in the market via offline marketing or other media and people knows your company pretty well.


However, if you search for particular keywords, anything you search for, I don’t think you would be able to find any website built with WIX.

The reason is because WIX does not allow for any internal SEO.

But if you ever find website which is built by WIX for the keywords you want to target, there will be a great chance that you can rank high on those keywords.

Here are some common questions. Are you sure what process to go through?That is pretty much the challenges and questions people often have when I was dealing with my clients. and that is the reason often people ask their friends or someone who they know or someone who gives you a call for creating website for them.

Then what comes out from those actions?

I know lots of people ended up finding no new leads coming in and just leave it or start looking for another company to create website for. That could be the very reason you are here right now correct?

Do not ever never ask web development company which specialise web development to develop website.

Are you crazy? They are specialist.

that is what you are thinking right? Well, I have to elaborate this point to make clear for you so that you can understand what I meant.


Unfortunately, the most of web development company which solely specialise creating website is only focusing their resource on creating website and they don’t actually care about how much traffic you are getting.

They probably are thinking “You are lucky if you are getting traffic!”

Needless to say, there are company which takes care of generating leads when they are creating website for you, yet, these company tends to be busy so not much space for new customers to order.

About Our Process

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1, We will talk to you either in person or Skype if meeting physical is not possible.

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2, We made a draft plan for your website

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3, We will create the SEO plan for you.At the same time, you create the contents for website.

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This is where we start analysing data from traffic analysing tool such as Google Analytics and discuss for further action plan.